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As you might have heard, the women's representative of the IWA (International Windsurfing Association), Mara van der Schaaf, has recently started the global promotion of women's windsurfing. Together with a project team she is working to generate media attention for windsurfing. She is also trying to motivate women to compete in windsurf events. At the moment Mara and the project team are working hard to realize the following events. With this monthly newsletter we will be keeping you in touch of all the latest developments!

Training camp

One of the events that is being developed at the moment, is an international training camp for female windsurfers. This training camp will be held the 11th and 12th of June 2010, on the Dutch island Texel, prior to the World Cup Slalom.

The purpose of this camp is to motivate the women to compete in windsurf events, to learn from each other's experiences, and develop the relevant skills needed.

Poster campaign

To boost women's windsurfing and to teach the women to approach sponsors themselves, Mara van der Schaaf, together with first-class photographer Chester Bouwman, has set up a large scaled poster campaign. To be a part of this poster campaign, the women will have to find sponsors to take care of the costs. This campaign will produce quality pictures with a sexy touch of athletic, beautiful and healthy women at their own home spot.

To sign up for this campaign, just send an e-mail to IWA's ladies representative Mara van der Schaaf: women@internationalwindsurfing.com


Please help women's windsurfing by taking ten minutes to complete an on-line questionnaire! 

This questionnaire includes questions about: How do you feel about the position of women in windsurfing? How do you feel about training camps? And what you would like to see in such a camp?

Click on the link or copy paste the link in your browser to start the questionnaire: http://www.studentenenquete.nl/vragen/index.php?sid=12945&lang=en 


This monthly newsletter will keep you in touch with the latest developments about the training camp and the poster campaign. These newsletters will be placed on the website of the IWA. (http://www.internationalwindsurfing.com)

Alice Arutkin
Alice Arutkin - FRA 111 - 1st girl, IFCA Junior, Youth & Masters Worlds 2010

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