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St Francis YC in San Francisco will from 19th >24th July be hosting the Formula Windsurfing North American Championships and US Nationals .
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Windsurfer International Mag July 10

All sail numbers and backgrounds are professionally computer-cut.
Made to order, complying with International rules and regulations for all racing classes: Raceboard, RSX, Techno, Formula Windsurfing and Formula Experience. 
The numbers are made and supplied on a pre spaced strip and are very easy to apply to sails. Characters can be customised to any size.  Click to go to website.

The biggest annual windsurfing event in the UK, the National Windsurfing Festival includes Night windsurf, NWF Party,  Exhibition, Technique Clinics, Meet the pros, Prizes, Master Blasters and Foreign competitors are very welcome.  Click to go to website.


Robby Swift at PWA Pozo Grand Prix

New film from Fabrice Beaux

Ladies - Get with the FLOW
Posted On:  01/07/2010 06:24:59
FLOW - For Ladies Of Windsurfing - - is an online information resource designed specifically for female windsurfers.

Founded by Amy Carter, the website is brimming full of stories, experiences, tips and pointers all relevant to the fairer sex within the sport. It sets a clear aim to not only encourage more females into windsurfing, but also to provide a much needed support system and a sense of community for those already enjoying the sport. Discussing the objectives of the FLOW concept, it is hard not to feel the amount of passion Amy (a distinguished racer herself) has put into the project:

"Windsurfing has always been the sport I've loved! After years involved in the sport I have become increasingly frustrated with the perception that you must be tough and strong to windsurf. I felt that something needed to be done to breakdown this misconception.

By providing information for women, by women, FLOW aims to create a fun, friendly 'club atmosphere' so that we can help each other learn, develop, enjoy and achieve together in the sport."

Whilst much of the location information is focussed around Amy's native UK at the moment, many of the articles and tips are relevant to women wherever they are. So whether you're looking to crack that next manoeuvre, don't know which kit to buy, have an article, photo or tip you want to share ... or have a female friend you want to get into the sport (boys!), visit and get involved.

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