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Agenda for the Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Committee meeting on 4 November 2012, Dublin, published together with submissions.
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Walvis Bay Delivers Again for the 2012 Speedweek
Posted On:  02/10/2012 11:55:38

The Walvis Bay Speedweek wrapped up with the prize giving ceremony on Saturday 29 September after a highly successful event. There were three days during the week were the course was open for speed sailing and the competitors took to the water in challenging conditions. The open format where the sailors would go out and record their runs over the gated 500m course on a GPS worked very well. There was no time pressure and sailors could tune their equipment and recharge their energy levels when they needed to. This lead to very good performances by the competitors and a lot of personal bests were recorded.

The Mens Windsurfing was won by Hennie Bredenkamp (RSA) with an injured Matthias Roettcher (Namibia) in Second and Christian Bornemann (Germany) in third.

The Mens Kitesurfing was won by Jochen Bock (Germany) with Andre Myburg (RSA) in second and Carel Bredenkamp(RSA) third.

The much anticipated local match in the Juniors was won by Jess De Pao with Alexander Bosch Second and Kyle Adams Third.

The Ladies Kitesurfing was won by Amanda Landon (Switzerland) with Sjoukje Bredenkamp (RSA) in second.

The best individual performance over 500m was Andre Myburg on a Kite and he recorded an amazing 40.981 knots. This is a phenomenal performance by a first time amateur and only 4 other professional kitesurfers has ever recorded better speeds at Walvis Bay.

Carel Bredenkamp recorded the highest maximum speeds on a kite on two different days and he was clearly loving the conditions. His highest maximum was 45.991 knots which relates to 85.2km/h.

Robbie Bense (RSA) recorded a best performance in the one hour of 24.98 knots in open water on a windsurfer. This means that he managed to sail a distance of 46.3km in one hour. Very hard work indeed.

Best Wipeout winner was Mark Grinell.

The organisers would like to thank the Walvis Bay Yacht club for their hospitality and hosting of the event from their premises. A big thank you to the local sponsors Seawork, CMA CMG, Wesbank Transport, Coca Cola Namibia, Didata, Opto Namibia, The Samsung Brand Store and the Oyster Box Guest house. It is wonderful to see the support from the local businesses and with this kind of support the event would be back bigger and better in 2013.

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