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Agenda for the Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Committee meeting on 4 November 2012, Dublin, published together with submissions.
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Final round of the European Tour is over
Posted On:  16/10/2012 14:19:45

The 40th Anniversary of Weymouth Speed Week was the host to the final round of the European Speed Tour. Light winds for the first few days but they built towards the end of the week. The conditions were tough on the first 4 rounds with winds from the east meaning a course set in the harbour and the inevitable chop! the final two rounds on the last day was the best with winds from the traditional SW and a flat course along the beach. The racing was close between the top 4 contenders David Garrel LUX Last years winner, Thorsten Mallon GER 2nd last year and leading coming in to this event, Daniel Borgelind SWE on the back of a win from Germany was on great form and so was his fellow countryman Anders Bjorqvist.

The condition did suit Daniel however as it was similar to his home spots in Sweden and that gave him the edge over David Garrel who was trying very hard to retain his title these two had a great battle with only Anders giving them cause for concern, Thorsten was not on form and a little bird tels me he had a lot on his mind, so that may have effected his performance. So this UK round results were

1st Daniel Borgelind SWE
2nd Anders Bjorqvist SWE
3rd David Garrel LUX
4th Martyn Ogier GBR
5th Thorsten Mallon GER

ISWC European Title final results were.
1st Daniel Borgelind
2nd David Garrel
3rd Torsten Mallon
4th Anders Bjorkqvist
5th Manfred Fuchs
6th Patrick Van Hoof
7th Manfred Merle
8th Christian Bornemann
9th Martyn Ogier
10th Alberto Possati

WSW was a big success this on this 40th Anniversary year. With over 120 riders and some very close racing combined with fantastic equipment and gear on display from the last four decades of speedsailing and to cap it all off even Johnnie Walker made a reappearance.

Leaderboard final standings.


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