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SIM 32nd Windsurfing Championships
Posted On:  06/01/2013 12:18:18

A truly multiclass event is set to kick off from 16th to 20th January 2013 at the National Service Resort & Country Club Sea Sports Centre, Singapore.  Open Windsurfing Classes include RS:X, Techno 293, Raceboard and IFCA Slalom.  This event will also declare Asian Men and Women's Champion titles in Formula Windsurfing and RS:One.

This annual event is now the biggest on the local windsurfing calendar, attracting more than 130 local and foreign competitors from all over Asia and the world.

Changi Coast Walk is a great location, a nice grass area with shady trees to rig and only 15m from the water, and all the facilities of the massive NSRCC Sports Centre are available within just 5 minutes walk.  With cool cafes and nightclubs close by in the city it all adds up to a real fun event.

Conditions to be expected - winds North to North-East, average maximum speed of 6 to 25 knots; water temperature 28°C; air temperature 26 to 32C.

There is a variety of hotel and dormitory accommodation available; the organising Committee can arrange transport to and from the airport for equipment, competitors and support personnel and those arriving early are advised that support from the organizers can be provided from 10th January 2013.  This must all be arranged in advance by contacting: Ms. CHUA Hsin Ee

Notice of Race - Open
Notice of Race - Formula Windsurfing
Notice of Race - RS:One

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