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Luderitz Speed Challenge 2014 - End of Week Two
Posted On:  19/10/2014 08:20:24

After celebrating 17 records in week one of the Chris Benz Luderitz World Record Chase, we had the pleasure to congratulate even more new record holders in Week 2!

Martin Toth (Czech Republic) is going back to his country with a new National Record of 46.73kts

Remo Diethelm (Switzerland) is also leaving with a new National Record of 48.31kts

Mark Grinnell the South African and Africa Windsurf Champion is very close to the magical 50kts by achieving 49.92kts and with still 2 weeks to do it!

Roger Ornvang (Sweden) has exceeded 43kts in Kite surfing and has set a new Swedish Record of 43.19kts.

Congratulations also to the many other Windsurfers who have smashed their all-time best speeds;

Hennie Bredenkamp (South Africa): 48.77kts (was 42.99kts)

Alain de Gendt (Belgium): 47.41kts (was 45.92kts)

Andrea Baldini (Italy): 45kts (was 41.94kts)

Erik Beale (Maui) and racing under the British flag: 46.29kts (was 42.35kts)

Jacques van der Hout (Netherlands): 49.06kts (began the event with 41.55kts on Day 1)

Hans Kreisel (Netherlands): 49.66kts (was 49.56kts)

Some of the riders are now leaving the event and others have arrived to take on the channel!

Alain de Gendt (Belgium) won the lucky prize draw Diamond this week!

Today: BBQ on the beach with friends from L├╝deritz, sponsored by SPAR.

Stay Tuned!

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