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Another techno sailor going to RIO Olympics!
Posted On:  07/05/2016 13:27:57

Thanks to the great support of the windsurfing community 14 year old Karolina Berankova (ATU Kosice) will go to RIO. 

She won a competition on Facebook where people had to like her video. The windsurfing community all around the world helped Karolina to follow her dream to go to Rio to see the Olympics.

Among the RSX competitors there will be other young windsurfers who were stars of the Techno class just a few years ago like Mattia Camboni representing Italy, Stefania Elfutina representing Russia, and Marion Lepert for USA! Surely some of the youngest competitors in Rio.
Karolina's presentation video got almost 2000 likes - and here is her new video thanking her supporters.
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