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2017 IFCA Grand Prix Series
Posted On:  03/03/2017 18:59:45

The International Funboard Class Association presents: the 2017 IFCA Grand Prix Series

So what is it about?  TAKE A LOOK!!!

Picture a new Pro Am format devised with the purpose of attracting more windsurfers into competitive windsurfing; providing great event experience in a fun and informative atmosphere, stunning locations,  a variety of racing formats and sailing conditions.

Any windsurfer willing to test their skills on the racing course or to simply gain competition experience can expect a friendly welcome from the event organisers.

The result?

The IFCA Grand Prix Series! Athletes compete on several venues and race at speeds of up to 60 km/h and more. The 2017 IFCA Grand Prix Champion points are up for grabs at each of the series stops and the competitor who blasts through the season with the most points accumulated after the races is crowned Champion and earns himself the biggest bite of the Cake "The Overall Prize Money Bonus".

We cannot wait for the kick off !
Stay Tuned for more while preparation unfolds.

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