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iQFOiL March newsletter
Posted On:  27/03/2020 10:32:57

We wish to bring you up to date with plans for the initial shipments of production to our distributors to enable them to fulfil World Sailing Member National Authority (MNA) orders.
COVID-19 has impacted our plans, but Starboard is very pleased to see that our various assembly partners are exceeding expectations.  Despite the virus situation we have produced 360 complete sets - more than half of those hulls have shipped with the balance of the sets and rigs to follow within the coming weeks. This is more than our initial commitment and also more than the current total MNA orders.

To ensure a fair distribution, equipment items are released  from the production facilities only once all the MNA endorsed orders are met and registered.

All equipment items have gone through a registration process which logs the main technical values necessary to meet World Sailing technical requirements. They will also have a QR code, which is machine readable and contains information like: a production time stamp, weight, flex and torsion, and other parameters which will help World Sailing measurers identify equipment.
Our main task now is to work out logistics with our distribution partners in light of the COVID-19 situation, as several ports may not be able to process the loading at normal speed and certain distribution partners' import procedures might be disrupted as well. The boards are being shipped first as they are produced in Thailand which is less impacted by the current crisis. Other equipment items will follow shortly.
A 2020 calendar (including World and European Championships), Class Rules and Championship Rules, is nearing completion.
Despite the hard times that the world is going through, the iQFoil class is moving forward and the iQFoil Steering Committee is very thankful to all the great support from World Sailing, the IWA and all the MNA's.
iQ stands for "innovation quality" and we aim to deliver just that with hard work and strong focus on doing the best we can for our amazing sport.
Svein Rasmussen, on behalf of the iQFoil Steering Committee
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