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Cuesta del Viento, the 2011 Argentine Championship, venue for 2012 Worlds
Posted On:  28/11/2011 11:06:34

180 kilometers from the city of San Juan, on the northeastern end of the Province, Cuesta del Viento (wind slope) contains one of the strangest and most unknown spots in our country, which combines the aridity of a lunar scenery with the turquoise transparency of a water mirror. An adventure travel hub where visitors can explore the landscape on horseback, by bike, on foot or in a rubber raft along the Jachal River. The best site in the country for the practice of windsurfing.

For a panoramic view of the venue -

Check out some You Tube action -

Some place to stay ? -

For city life check out San Juan -,_Argentina

Cuesta del Viento - San Juan - Argentina - 2012 IFCA SLALOM WORLDS

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