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RS:One goes to Cardiff
Posted On:  23/07/2012 17:15:16

The famous Cardiff bay will provide a superb natural backdrop and sporting arena as the RS:One racers do battle on 1st & 2nd September before the gathered crowds and the historic bayside landmark architecture such as the National Assembly and the world famous Millenium Centre.

The race will be further illuminated by special LED-rigged sails during Saturday's night race.

Top UK and European racers will compete on the RS:One along with other local windsurfers. The action will take place at the Extreme Sailing Series™ Race Village so the public can view all the racing close to shore. The winners of each division will share the US$3000 prize money.

Entry form please click here.
NOR to come soon.

The NeilPryde Racing Series is a tour featuring the new, ISAF universal one-design windsurfing class, the RS:One. The tour will then proceed to Trapani, Nice, and will end in Brazil. The Racing Series features an attractive and dynamic race format making the racing a spectacle for the watching crowds and allowing windsurfers of all levels, ages and genders to compete together.

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