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T293 OD+ and Techno Cup Debut!
Posted On:  15/04/2013 10:06:11

The new T293 OD+ class, first presented as a concept at the Techno 293 Class 2012 AGM, will allow competitors aged 17+ to continue competing - for the new TECHNO CUP, which makes its debut at the 2013 T293 World Championships in Poland from 27 July to 3 August.

Competitors may continue to use exactly the same equipment or purchase the larger 8.5 One Design rig and a 50cm fin better adapted to their larger body sizes.

The Techno Cup will be adapted from the existing T293 OD Class rules to focus more on funboard sailing in planing conditions (where possible), slalom and long distance style races. Class and Championship rules will be published on by the end of the month.

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