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Formula South American Championships
Posted On:  20/11/2013 11:54:39

Welcome to the site of the South American Championship Formula Windsurfing and Formula Experience 2013, our goal is to provide all the information needed to enjoy the event as best as possible before and during the event -

The Championship will take place at a site in the heart of San Isidro - a resort where you can enjoy the outdoors and extreme sports ... Peru Beach

The organization offers free accommodations for the participants. The reservation of the same is done with the Pre-Registration

You can also Enter Online

Transfers can be arranged from the BA International Airport contact the organizer at least one week before your arrival flight details -
EARLY ARRIVALS - Competitors are advised to arrive early to support the organizers can be arranged and must be coordinated in advance with the organization.

Event schedule - enter now, no need to delay !

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