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Competition/Entry Lists/T293 Worlds


updated 14/07/14 (sorted by fleet/gender/sail number)

on-line entry is now closed . . . competitors may enter on-site at event registration

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Brigat Imad ALG-02 Male 06/04/00 Junior (u15) Techno 293 Fédération Algérienne de voile
Nores Martin ARG-407 Male 07/02/00 Junior (u15) AAW Club Nautico San Isidro Completed
Nores Sebastian ARG-425 Male 25/11/02 Junior (u15) AAW Club Náutico San Isidro Completed
Quiroga Marcos ARG-490 Male 19/03/00 Junior (u15) AAW Club Nautico San Isidro Completed
Goddyn Robin BEL-106 Male 24/03/00 Junior (u15) VYF VVW Inside Outside Completed
Joncheere Gauthier BEL-148 Male 30/05/00 Junior (u15) VYF VVW Inside/Outside Ostend Completed
Broucke Thomas BEL-39 Male 26/09/00 Junior (u15) VYF VVW Inside-Outside Completed
Pascual Delgado Pablo ESP-11 Male 29/11/00 Junior (u15) Federación Española de Vela. Club Nautico Sevilla Completed
Repiso Blanco Fernando ESP-811 Male 16/06/00 Junior (u15) Federacion Española de Vela Club Nautico Sevilla Completed
Merceur Benoit FRA-1159 Male 28/07/01 Junior (u15) FFV CVPM Completed
Secher Achille FRA-118 Male 06/08/98 Junior (u15) FFV SWICA 49010 Completed
Vanbeselaere Théo FRA-1406 Male 05/01/00 Junior (u15) FFV CLLA Armentières 59027 Completed
Arnoux Tom FRA-152 Male 26/01/00 Junior (u15) FFV YCPR Completed
Turpin Tim FRA-1616 Male 20/10/00 Junior (u15) FFV Yatch Club du Calaisis Completed
Dussarps Matéo FRA-172 Male 28/08/00 Junior (u15) france windsurf voile lacanau guyenne Completed
Simon Marin FRA-1812 Male 18/12/00 Junior (u15) Club nautique angoulins Completed
Lefebvre Paul FRA-2001 Male 17/08/01 Junior (u15) WISHBONE CLUB DINARD Completed
Sultana Theo FRA-23 Male 15/02/00 Junior (u15) ycmc 34014 Completed
Guay Louis FRA-266 Male 22/04/00 Junior (u15) les crocodiles de l'élorn Completed
Pianazza Fabien FRA-312 Male 07/02/01 Junior (u15) CN Angoulins Completed
Tregouet Gaspar FRA-331 Male 19/02/01 Junior (u15) VLG Completed
Gagnol Nathan FRA-345 Male 25/05/00 Junior (u15) La Mouette Sinagote Completed
Mante Yann FRA-375 Male 13/08/98 Junior (u15) France ASPTT VOILE NANTES Completed
Garandeau Tom FRA-38 Male 13/11/00 Junior (u15) Fédération Française de Voile YCMC Completed
Guerin Pierre FRA-4106 Male 29/01/00 Junior (u15) FFV Amath kakikouka Completed
Fichou Youn FRA-4109 Male 09/09/00 Junior (u15) Les Crocodiles de L'Elorn Completed
Le Mouillour Gwendal FRA-4120 Male 22/06/00 Junior (u15) Amath Kakikouka Completed
Gruet Theophile FRA-429 Male 06/01/00 Junior (u15) FFV YCMC Completed
Jouhaud Jérèmy FRA-445 Male 10/11/00 Junior (u15) Fédération Française de Voile Nautic Club Miramas Completed
Dorin Noé FRA-508 Male 25/10/00 Junior (u15) FFV Cncg La Couarde Completed
Sarriaud Robin FRA-550 Male 07/09/01 Junior (u15) FEDERATION FRANCAISE DE VOILE LA MOUETTE SYNAGOTE Completed
Guillemot Félix FRA-5601 Male 07/03/00 Junior (u15) Yacht Club de Carnac Completed
Haddad Salem FRA-573 Male 19/09/00 Junior (u15) C N Couardais Goisil Completed
Rigaut Adrien FRA-6 Male 06/11/00 Junior (u15) FW OGS Voile Completed
Rajon Titouan FRA-613 Male 03/12/02 Junior (u15) NCM Completed
Lenglet Marius FRA-670 Male 18/12/00 Junior (u15) 1266772E 62020 YC DU CALAISIS Completed
Lemaire Jean FRA-689 Male 06/08/02 Junior (u15) ASPTT VOILE GRAND LYON Completed
Vieillard Vincent FRA-767 Male 18/12/00 Junior (u15) Yatch club du calaisis Completed
Pouliquen Yun FRA-781 Male 16/09/01 Junior (u15) FFV CLUB NAUTIQUE DE LORIENT Completed
Maziere Gwendal FRA-892 Male 31/05/98 Junior (u15) CNFC Fouesnant Completed
Giannerini Thomas FRA-941 Male 08/06/01 Junior (u15) bic t293 la mouette sinagote Completed
Prigent Arthur FRA-952 Male 06/05/00 Junior (u15) FFV CN PLOUGUERNEAU Completed
Tournier Léo FRA-974 Male 14/01/74 Junior (u15) CV Martigues Completed
Lemoine Alan FRA-978 Male 13/05/00 Junior (u15) bic 293 cataschool larmor baden Completed
Thiriat Antoine FRA-989 Male 11/11/00 Junior (u15) AS GERARDMER VOILE 88002 Completed
Mulhall Oliver Michael GBR-3009 Male 15/04/01 Junior (u15) Royal Yachting Association Hollingworth Hunters Completed
Lines Isaac GBR-3076 Male 09/01/00 Junior (u15) UKWA Toward sailing club Completed
Takiguchi Leonardo Yves GBR-3103 Male 22/07/00 Junior (u15) RYA Coquet Completed
Hawkins Finn GBR-3116 Male 10/12/02 Junior (u15) RYA Polkerris Completed
Carey Joshua GBR-393 Male 21/04/00 Junior (u15) RYA Pugneys Completed
Tweedle Ben GBR-530 Male 25/10/01 Junior (u15) UKWA/RYA Emsworth Sailing Club Completed
Ashworth Jonathan GBR-847 Male 06/07/00 Junior (u15) UKWA Queen Mary Sailing Club Completed
Kupky Felix GER-2212 Male 21/11/02 Junior (u15) DWSV Windsurfing Club Hamburg Completed
Frank Paul GER-520 Male 19/05/00 Junior (u15) DWSV Windsurfing Verein Berlin e. V. Completed
Poggemann Lars GER-730 Male 10/12/00 Junior (u15) DWSV RSCC Completed
Zintzovas Iasonas-Nikolaos GRE-10 Male 06/12/00 Junior (u15) EIO NAOVV Completed
Astrapellos Konstantinos GRE-52 Male 16/09/00 Junior (u15) N.A.O.V.V. Completed
Tsortanidis Leonidas GRE-80 Male 19/03/00 Junior (u15) E.I.O Nautical club of korthi andros Completed
Doukas Phaedon GRE-99 Male 21/11/00 Junior (u15) Hellenic Sailing Federation NOAS Completed
Geiger Richard HUN-206 Male 01/01/01 Junior (u15) Hungarian Windsurfing Association Completed
Navri Bar ISR-290 Male 10/01/01 Junior (u15) israel sailing assosiation Sdot yam Completed
Matosevich Gad ISR-292 Male 03/02/00 Junior (u15) ISRAEL sailing association Sdot Yam Completed
Kafri Itai ISR-303 Male 22/09/00 Junior (u15) Israel Yachting Association Michmoret Completed
Pinhasi Asaf ISR-314 Male 25/04/00 Junior (u15) Israel Yachting Association Michmoret Completed
Sitin Guy ISR-325 Male 23/06/00 Junior (u15) Israel Yachting Association Hapoel Mikmoret Completed
Cohen Daniel ISR-635 Male 28/02/00 Junior (u15) ISRAEL EILAT Completed
Somekh Omer ISR-901 Male 23/07/00 Junior (u15) Israel Yachting Association Bnei Herzliya Completed
Kamil Lior ISR-907 Male 22/04/00 Junior (u15) Israel Yachting Association BNEY HREZELLIYA ISRAEL Completed
Bertulli Enrico ITA-120 Male 03/04/00 Junior (u15) ITALIAN SAILING FEDERATION CIRCOLO SURF TORBOLE Completed
Renna Riccardo ITA-125 Male 09/02/00 Junior (u15) italian Sailing Federation Circolo Surf Torbole Completed
Stancampiano Giorgio ITA-138 Male 05/03/01 Junior (u15) FIV CCRL Completed
Renna Nicolò ITA-150 Male 01/05/01 Junior (u15) Italian Sailing Federation Circolo Surf Torbole Completed
Feri Filippo ITA-18 Male 10/06/01 Junior (u15) 3820 avwmj Completed
Vetro Federico ITA-66 Male 03/03/00 Junior (u15) FIV ALBARIA Completed
Onali Riccardo ITA-7 Male 12/07/01 Junior (u15) FIV WINDSURFING CLUB CAGLIARI Completed
Montanucci Simone ITA-88 Male 04/06/01 Junior (u15) Associazione Italiana T293 GdV LNI Civitavecchia Completed
Ricci Michele ITA-93 Male 13/03/01 Junior (u15) ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA TECHNO 393 SEF STAMURA ASD Completed
Punte Emils LAT-169 Male 27/08/02 Junior (u15) Latvia club 360/burusports Completed
Dreimanis Nameijs LAT-47 Male 20/06/00 Junior (u15) LVA Ridzene/LOBS Completed
Sichevs Savva LAT-525 Male 25/05/02 Junior (u15) Latvia club 360/burusports Completed
Ponce Baqueiro Jose Luis MEX-131 Male 09/01/01 Junior (u15) Federacion Mexicana de Vela y asociados A.C Costa Club Yucatan Completed
Hagerman Haro Cristóbal Silvestre MEX-170 Male 15/09/00 Junior (u15) AMTAVE Costa Club Completed
van Someren Jim NED-600 Male 24/03/01 Junior (u15) KNWV ALMERE CENTRAAL Completed
Franken Floris Roelof Leonard NED-9999 Male 14/05/01 Junior (u15) NVW Almere Centraal Completed
Wendelborg Kristian NOR-141 Male 22/03/00 Junior (u15) NBK ROYAL NORWEGIAN YACHT CLUB Completed
Borge Henrik Wetlesen NOR-2120 Male 02/12/00 Junior (u15) NBK KNS Completed
Maaoe Matteo Fregosi NOR-30 Male 08/07/00 Junior (u15) Norwegian Boardsailers Association Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) Completed
Nilsen Fredrik L NOR-654 Male 06/12/00 Junior (u15) Norwegian Board Association KNS Completed
Ugniewski Kamil POL-45 Male 27/04/01 Junior (u15) PZZ POLAND GKZ Gdansk
Larenta Maciej POL-501 Male 01/01/01 Junior (u15) Athletic Sailing Mragowo
Przybylak Bartosz POL-510 Male 01/01/01 Junior (u15) Athletic Sailing Mragowo
Zalewski Maciej POL-511 Male 01/01/01 Junior (u15) Athletic Sailing Mragowo
Pawlowski Bartosz POL-614 Male 07/09/00 Junior (u15) POLSKI ZWIAZEK ZEGLARSKI Sopocki Klub Zeglarski Completed
Zarnowski Adam POL-66 Male 10/10/01 Junior (u15) Polish Yachting Association GKZ Completed
Walenczewski Michal POL-76 Male 05/09/00 Junior (u15) Polish Yachting Association GKZ Completed
Przychodzen Aleksander POL-893 Male 06/09/00 Junior (u15) PYA UKS Hals Sopot Completed
Sandakov Dmitry RUS-154 Male 08/08/00 Junior (u15) Russia bumerang Completed
Zhilin Egor RUS-7 Male 20/09/00 Junior (u15) Saint-Petersburg Sailing Academy
Bora Sen TUR-7777 Male 06/09/00 Junior (u15) Turkish Sailing Federation Completed
Nores Geronimo USA-108 Male 12/03/00 Junior (u15) US Sailing /US windsurfing Miami Yacht Club Completed
Juan Nores USA-467 Male 05/03/01 Junior (u15) Miami Yacht Club Completed
Louden Justin USA-711 Male 14/08/00 Junior (u15) Miami Yacht Club Completed
Nores Manuel USA-737 Male 23/01/02 Junior (u15) US Sailing /US windsurfing Miami Yacht Club Completed
LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Dildick Lore BEL-50 Female 07/04/00 Junior (u15) VYF VVW Inside Outside Completed
Quiniou Anaelle FRA-1 Female 28/01/00 Junior (u15) FEDERATION FRANCAISE DE VOILE CLUB NAUTIQUE PLOUGUERNEAU Completed
Guevel Anaelle FRA-11 Female 14/06/00 Junior (u15) CVAN Completed
Marsaudon Capucine FRA-1801 Female 19/08/01 Junior (u15) CNL LORIENT Completed
Le Bars Louise FRA-2308 Female 08/04/00 Junior (u15) FFV CN LORIENT Completed
Le Goff Jade FRA-3100 Female 09/02/99 Junior (u15) Cadettes CLUB NAUTIQUE DE PLOUGUERNEAU Completed
Tanné Enora FRA-322 Female 26/03/01 Junior (u15) LES CROCODILES DE L'ELORN Completed
Le Clech Emma FRA-507 Female 30/08/00 Junior (u15) FFV CN Fouesnant cornouaille Completed
Postec Taina FRA-60 Female 14/12/00 Junior (u15) crocodiles de l'elorn Completed
Le Joliff Clarisse FRA-810 Female 13/04/00 Junior (u15) La Mouette Sinagote Completed
Weckel Chloe FRA-828 Female 29/01/00 Junior (u15) FFV ASG Gérardmer Completed
Dieudonne Lily FRA-8888 Female 29/01/00 Junior (u15) Federtion Francaise de Voile A.S Gerardmer voile Completed
Macquaert Heloise FRA-946 Female 22/12/01 Junior (u15) FFV YC CALAISIS Completed
Densley Robins Mollie GBR-3030 Female 13/02/01 Junior (u15) RYA/UKWA Bristol Corithians Yacht Club Completed
Watson Islay GBR-3072 Female 15/10/00 Junior (u15) RYA/UKWA Loch Insh Completed
Adcock Izzy GBR-988 Female 04/04/02 Junior (u15) RYA Poole Completed
Ashman Emma GBR-9957 Female 03/01/00 Junior (u15) RYA/UKWA Oxford Sailing Club Completed
Arapoglou Natalia GRE-146 Female 14/06/00 Junior (u15) HELLENIC NAUTICAL CLUB VOULIAGMENI Completed
Benbenisti Shira ISR- 905 Female 13/04/00 Junior (u15) BIC 6.8 Bnei Herzlia Completed
Tourgeman Mor ISR-112 Female 08/12/00 Junior (u15) Israel Hapoel Tel-Aviv Completed
Tor Yali ISR-295 Female 28/08/00 Junior (u15) israel yachting association hapoel sdot-yam Completed
Atias Noa ISR-844 Female 30/06/00 Junior (u15) Haifa Sailing Completed
Merfeld Naama ISR-904 Female 28/12/00 Junior (u15) Bney Hertzelia, Israel Completed
Speciale Giorgia ITA-1 Female 02/02/00 Junior (u15) FIV  TECHNO 293 SEF STAMURA ANCONA Completed
Ganna Virginia ITA-157 Female 21/01/00 Junior (u15) T 293 ASSOCIATION WINDSURFING CLUB CAGLIARI Completed
Tanas Marta ITA-49 Female 14/11/14 Junior (u15) 3883 Completed
Bonetti Marta ITA-51 Female 05/01/14 Junior (u15) T293 class Associazione velica windsurfing Marina Julia Completed
Papitto Alessandra ITA-75 Female 30/10/00 Junior (u15) FIV Lega Navale Ostia Completed
Kaupa Aleksandra LAT-116 Female 12/09/00 Junior (u15) LVA Rietumkrasts Completed
Punte Annija LAT-162 Female 07/05/01 Junior (u15) Latvia club 360/burusports Completed
Oppedal Helle NOR-39 Female 07/11/01 Junior (u15) NSF Bergens Seilforening Completed
Chrzaszcz Antonina POL-151 Female 12/05/00 Junior (u15) Polski Zwiazek Zeglarski Gdanski Klub  Zeglarski Completed
Kalicka Katarzyna POL-184 Female 25/01/00 Junior (u15) Gdanski Klub Zeglarski Completed
Sulikowska Lidia POL-313 Female 06/05/00 Junior (u15) POLSKI ZWIAZEK ZEGLARSKI SKZ ERGO HESTIA Completed
Ince Ayse Beliz TUR-418 Female 05/07/00 Junior (u15) Turkish Sailing Federation Fenerbahce S.K. Completed
Stater Dominique USA-222 Female 18/01/01 Junior (u15) IWA Miami Yacht Club Completed
LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Rezouani Meriam ALG-04 Male 13/04/98 Youth (u17)
Zatout   Zakaria ALG-07 Male 02/06/98 Youth (u17) bic techno 293 od algeriene Fedration sailing
Beloui Said Abd Rahmane ALG-8 Male 18/02/98 Youth (u17) bic techno 293 od fédération algérien de voile
Saubidet Birkner Francisco ARG-40 Male 05/10/98 Youth (u17) aaw club nautico san isidro-peru beach
van den Eerenbeemt Mack Dylan ARU-11 Male 01/07/98 Youth (u17) Aruba Sailing Association Techno & RS:X Aruba Completed
Lingier Wout BEL-102 Male 27/08/98 Youth (u17) vyf vvwinside-outside Oostende Completed
Joncheere Thibault BEL-140 Male 24/06/98 Youth (u17) VYF VVW Inside/Outside Ostend Completed
Louagie Vic BEL-55 Male 25/12/98 Youth (u17) vyf gavermeer Completed
Jonniaux Elias BEL-60 Male 06/03/98 Youth (u17) VYF WS GAVERMEER Completed
Debaets Michiel BEL-79 Male 04/06/99 Youth (u17) VYF Gavermeer Completed
Stockmans Jan BEL-98 Male 31/03/98 Youth (u17) VYF windsurfing gavermeer Completed
Boronat Suay José Luis ESP-100 Male 22/04/99 Youth (u17) Spanish Club Nautico Javea Completed
Lamadrid Trueba Fernando ESP-211 Male 04/04/99 Youth (u17) CM Puerto Sherry Completed
Diaz Santiago ESP-500 Male 03/08/98 Youth (u17) FEV C..N.SEVILLA Completed
Segado Ulied Ignasi ESP-64 Male 17/06/98 Youth (u17) CNHV-Bètulo Completed
Cornudella Solé Ferran ESP-72 Male 12/08/98 Youth (u17) Spanish Club Nàutic el Balís
Rodriguez Mulochot Julien ESP-88 Male 01/05/99 Youth (u17) BIC TECHNO CWHFV Completed
Sanmarino Petit David ESP-90 Male 12/05/99 Youth (u17) BIC TECHNO CWHFV Completed
Lembra Christopher EST-420 Male 31/12/98 Youth (u17) EPL TPLK
Kalm Alfred EST-101 Male 23/09/99 Youth (u17) EPL TPLK
Reigo Tanel EST-104 Male 03/02/99 Youth (u17) EPL TPLK
Pung Roomet Riho EST-126 Male 26/11/98 Youth (u17) Estonian Windsurfing Association Talinna Purjelauakool
Pihlapuu Aarto EST-129 Male 24/05/98 Youth (u17) EPL TPLK Completed
Poilpot Loic FRA-150 Male 18/06/99 Youth (u17) ffv YCPR Completed
Caraes Robin FRA-163 Male 24/03/98 Youth (u17) bic 293 crocodiles de l elorn brest Completed
Le Pape Victor FRA-18 Male 18/09/98 Youth (u17) FFV Cn Fouesnant Completed
Bellec Martin FRA-1810 Male 10/03/98 Youth (u17) 1223872S CNBPP
Klein Jonathan FRA-1972 Male 08/02/99 Youth (u17) bic 293od CNN CENTRE NAUTIQUE LE NEPTUNE Completed
Cornil Maxence FRA-199 Male 06/04/98 Youth (u17) C.L.L.Armentières Completed
Bouyer Camille FRA-2 Male 05/08/98 Youth (u17) Fédération Française de Voile Wind Club Couardais Completed
Barrere Adrien FRA-2013 Male 07/02/00 Youth (u17) ASPTT MEYZIEU DECINES 69008 Completed
Pasquette Pablo FRA-210 Male 04/05/99 Youth (u17) FFV Crocodiles de l'élorn Completed
Mingam Paul FRA-210 Male 24/06/99 Youth (u17) Féderation Francaise de Voile Les Crocodiles de l'Élorn Completed
Grall Baptiste FRA-299 Male 15/03/99 Youth (u17) FFV les crocodiles de l'elorn Completed
Bague Oscar FRA-30 Male 05/05/99 Youth (u17) Fédération Française de Voile / FFV Crocodile de l'Elorn Completed
Velly Théo FRA-3110 Male 02/08/98 Youth (u17) FFV CNPlouguerneau Completed
Rucard Germain FRA-3113 Male 12/10/98 Youth (u17) cn plouguerneau Completed
Monnet Tom FRA-320 Male 20/05/99 Youth (u17) FFV YCMC Completed
Thomas Tanguy FRA-337 Male 19/07/98 Youth (u17) ffv Voile Lacanau Guyenne Completed
Billon Hugo FRA-380 Male 29/05/99 Youth (u17) FFV ASPTT LYON Completed
Fournely Bertrand FRA-398 Male 02/04/99 Youth (u17) FFV CVBB Completed
Jolivet Mathurin FRA-404 Male 04/12/00 Youth (u17) Bic 293 Crocodiles de l'elorn Completed
Rocco Julian FRA-481 Male 22/08/99 Youth (u17) ycpr Completed
Plouviez Marin FRA-50 Male 28/01/98 Youth (u17) FFVOILE CN COUARDAIS GOISIL Completed
Appert Sacha FRA-500 Male 21/06/99 Youth (u17) FFV CNBPP Completed
Laurent Marin FRA-538 Male 12/09/99 Youth (u17) FFV CN Couardais Goisil Completed
Ghio Romain FRA-552 Male 15/08/98 Youth (u17) FFvoile YCPR Completed
Lepretre Louis FRA-633 Male 14/01/98 Youth (u17) FFV YCPR Completed
Le Prunennec Tom Khoun FRA-641 Male 04/06/98 Youth (u17) YCPR Completed
Bia Martin FRA-674 Male 17/09/98 Youth (u17) FFV YCCALAISIS Completed
Michel Tanguy FRA-682 Male 07/04/98 Youth (u17) F.F.V. C.N.Lorient Completed
Le Bosq Titouan FRA-719 Male 17/06/98 Youth (u17) CN Fouesnant cornouaille Completed
Bleunven Maxime FRA-762 Male 14/01/99 Youth (u17) fédération française de voile crocodiles de l'élorn Completed
Perrachon Eliot FRA-769 Male 02/08/00 Youth (u17) ASPTT LYON VOILE Completed
Capdeville Brewen FRA-776 Male 14/03/99 Youth (u17) FFV LA MOUETTE SINAGOTE Completed
Deragne Tim FRA-794 Male 30/11/99 Youth (u17) FFV ASPTT LYON VOILE Completed
Rio Basile FRA-894 Male 06/07/98 Youth (u17) CN FOUESNANT Completed
Dewaele Theo FRA-897 Male 20/04/99 Youth (u17) OGS Voile Grande Synthe Completed
Hervoche Mathieu FRA-906 Male 28/04/99 Youth (u17) T293 CNBPP Completed
Herledan Alec FRA-919 Male 07/05/98 Youth (u17) T293 OD CN FOUESNANT Completed
Garcia Alexandre FRA-944 Male 06/05/99 Youth (u17) FFV club de voile de bourg en bresse Completed
Quentel Maxime FRA-9595 Male 30/05/99 Youth (u17) BIC TECHNO OD 7.8 ESPOIR CN LORIENT Completed
Salette Florian FRA-988 Male 20/12/99 Youth (u17) FFV CNLorient Completed
Savage Alexis FRA-991 Male 07/09/98 Youth (u17) FFV SNSABLAIS Completed
Dorin Etienne FRA-992 Male 17/01/99 Youth (u17) FFV CNCG La Couarde Completed
McCann Ben GBR-141 Male 30/12/99 Youth (u17) RYA / UKWA Draycote / Pitsford Completed
Williams Toby GBR-191 Male 04/08/99 Youth (u17) RYA Completed
Cave Toby GBR-281 Male 29/10/99 Youth (u17) RYA/UKWA Grafham Water Sailing Club Completed
Cave Thomas GBR-289 Male 02/02/98 Youth (u17) RYA/UKWA Graham Water Sailing Club Completed
Parrott Joe GBR-3012 Male 02/12/99 Youth (u17) RYA Siblyback Completed
Halliwell Paul GBR-3045 Male 25/04/99 Youth (u17) RYA West Kirby Warriors Completed
Phipps Adam GBR-3079 Male 24/11/99 Youth (u17) Techno Class Association Polkerris Beach Completed
Hobb Aaron GBR-3141 Male 16/10/99 Youth (u17) RYA Coquet Shorebase Completed
Brown Andrew GBR-360 Male 13/07/99 Youth (u17) RYA / UKWA LOCH INSH Completed
Carey Matthew GBR-383 Male 03/03/98 Youth (u17) RYA Pugneys Completed
Spencer-Milnes Zed GBR-504 Male 03/12/99 Youth (u17) RYA/UKWA Shotwick Lake SC Completed
Wisbey Galahad GBR-974 Male 13/05/99 Youth (u17) ukwa Hythe & Saltwood Sailing Club Completed
Schulz Finn Lüder GER-157 Male 17/05/99 Youth (u17) DWSV Windsurfing Club Hamburg Completed
Maaser Jonathan GER-2225 Male 14/01/99 Youth (u17) DWSV Windsurfing Verein Berlin e. V. Completed
Mühmel Lars GER-357 Male 25/11/99 Youth (u17) Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung e. V. Windsurfing Club Hamburg Completed
Kipka Aiko GER-5222 Male 09/11/98 Youth (u17) DWSV WSeV Completed
Frank Armin GER-814 Male 14/01/98 Youth (u17) DWSV Windsurfing Verein Berlin e. V. Completed
Hecker Stephan GER-864 Male 22/06/99 Youth (u17) DWSV RSC Chiemsee Completed
Brinkmann Jonas GER-944 Male 22/12/99 Youth (u17) DWSV TVB Completed
Namias Sam GRE-118 Male 08/10/98 Youth (u17) GREECE Nautical Club of Vouliagmeni Completed
Arapoglou Andreas GRE-360 Male 07/08/98 Youth (u17) HELLENIC NAUTICAL CLUB VOULIAGMENI
Arvanitis Thodoris GRE-46 Male 07/07/98 Youth (u17) GREECE nautical club of vouliagmeni Completed
Wong Chun Yan HKG-13 Male 13/11/98 Youth (u17) WAHK Completed
To Ming Yan HKG-14 Male 29/05/98 Youth (u17) WAHK Completed
Chan Tsz Kit HKG-17 Male 07/03/98 Youth (u17) WAHK Completed
Cheng Ching Yin HKG-21 Male 10/08/99 Youth (u17) WAHK Completed
Cheng Ho Yin HKG-36 Male 30/04/99 Youth (u17) WAHK Completed
Manoach Dor ISR-101 Male 20/01/99 Youth (u17) Israel Sailing Association Bnei Herzelia Completed
Arnon Dan ISR-210 Male 17/03/98 Youth (u17) Israel Sdot yam sailing club Completed
Zruya Dean ISR-215 Male 04/06/98 Youth (u17) Iisrael Yachting Association IHapoel Sdot Yam Completed
Omer Yoav ISR-24 Male 28/10/98 Youth (u17) Israel yachting association sdot yam Completed
Cohen Yoav ISR-253 Male 30/08/99 Youth (u17) ISRAEL YACHTING ASSOCIATION SDOT YAM Completed
Barzilay Itay ISR-294 Male 29/11/98 Youth (u17) Isreali Sailing Club Sdot Yam Completed
Azulay Kfir ISR-613 Male 16/12/99 Youth (u17) israeli eilat Completed
Goetha Amit ISR-623 Male 30/09/99 Youth (u17) ISR Eilat Completed
Harari Daniel ISR-632 Male 08/12/98 Youth (u17) EILAT SAILING CLUB Completed
Tzachar Yonatan ISR-950 Male 08/06/98 Youth (u17) Israel yachting association Bnei herzeliya Completed
Reuveny Tom ISR-960 Male 12/06/00 Youth (u17) Israel Yachting Association Bnei Herzlia Completed
Meents Saar ISR-968 Male 05/09/98 Youth (u17) israel bnei herzeliya Completed
Pontanari Matteo ITA-106 Male 23/06/14 Youth (u17) ITALIAN SAILING FEDERATION CIRCOLO SURF TORBOLE Completed
Lo Mauro Ruggero ITA-13 Male 24/10/98 Youth (u17) FIV C.C.R.L Completed
Zerillo Alberto ITA-152 Male 08/10/98 Youth (u17) FIV ALBARIA CLUB Completed
Tomasello Francesco ITA-165 Male 02/09/98 Youth (u17) Federazione Italiana Vela Club Canottieri Roggero di Lauria A.S.D. Completed
Cangemi Antonino ITA-17 Male 03/07/98 Youth (u17) FIV C.C.R.L Completed
Ciabatti Carlo ITA-171 Male 06/11/98 Youth (u17) associazione classe T293 windsurfing club Cagliari Completed
Diviacco Alberto ITA-199 Male 12/01/99 Youth (u17) Techno 293 AVWMJ Completed
Di Tomassi Luca ITA-24 Male 29/03/99 Youth (u17) FIV Lega Navale Italiana - sez. Lido di Ostia Completed
Evangelisti Matteo ITA-85 Male 22/05/98 Youth (u17) associazione italiana techno 293 gdv lni civitavecchia Completed
Renna Jacopo ITA-87 Male 27/12/98 Youth (u17) Italian Sailing Federation Circolo Surf Torbole Completed
Di Stefano Roberto ITA-9 Male 12/05/98 Youth (u17) FIV ALBARIA CLUB Completed
Wolter Tim Nicolas ITA-92 Male 19/09/99 Youth (u17) Federazione Italiana Vela Lega Navale Italiana sez. Lido di Ostia Completed
Kei Miura JPN-1311 Male 18/05/99 Youth (u17) Japan Sailing Federation Yamaguchi Junior Athrete Academy Completed
Ikeda Kensei JPN-174 Male 21/12/98 Youth (u17) JSAF Kaya Completed
Magaña Garma Saul Alejandro MEX-74 Male 02/09/14 Youth (u17) Federacion Mexicana de Vela Marina Blue Dream Completed
Salles Ize Mateo MEX-81 Male 19/11/98 Youth (u17) AMTAVE Costa Club Completed
van der Storm Daniël NED-181 Male 13/01/00 Youth (u17) NVW Almere Centraal Completed
van Opzeeland Luuc Adrianus NED-1999 Male 21/05/99 Youth (u17) watersportverbond ter Aar Completed
van Someren Lars NED-800 Male 05/06/98 Youth (u17) KNWV Almere Centraal Completed
Askvig Arne Frithjof NOR-215 Male 21/05/14 Youth (u17) Norsk Brettseilerklubb NBK Asker Seilforening Completed
Funnemark Endre NOR-252 Male 25/02/98 Youth (u17) NBK KNS Completed
Ruud Jakob NOR-43 Male 19/09/99 Youth (u17) Norwegian Sailing Federation/NBK Asker Sailing Club Completed
Nilsen Christoffer L NOR-987 Male 06/12/00 Youth (u17) Norwegian Board Association KNS Completed
Bazo Santiago PER-44 Male 30/09/99 Youth (u17) Peruvian Windsurf Association Regatas Lima
Terman Mikolaj POL 407 Male 17/02/99 Youth (u17) UKS Hals, Sopot, Poland Completed
Mankucki Mikolaj POL-128 Male 30/01/99 Youth (u17) Polish Relationship Sailing Gdansk Sailing Club Completed
Romanowski Tomasz POL-163 Male 05/11/99 Youth (u17) Polski Zwiazek Zeglarski AZS Poznan Completed
Michalski Mikolaj POL-185 Male 07/09/00 Youth (u17) GDANSKI KLUB ZEGLARSKI Completed
Lewinski Mikolaj POL-186 Male 16/03/00 Youth (u17) Polish Yacht Association GKZ Completed
Zych Michal POL-346 Male 06/07/98 Youth (u17) PYA SKZ Hestia Sopot Completed
Miranda Lucas PUR-54 Male 30/03/99 Youth (u17) Puerto Rico Sailing Federation Club de Vela de Carolina Completed
Karavan Sergey RUS-1199 Male 11/11/99 Youth (u17) Saint-Petersburg Sailing Academy
Tokarev Maxim RUS-121 Male 28/02/99 Youth (u17) Russian association T293 southsails, CSPP Completed
KIrichuk Ilya RUS-41 Male 03/09/99 Youth (u17) Russian SouthSails Completed
Gundarev Alexandr RUS-61 Male 24/12/98 Youth (u17) Southsails Completed
Prozorov Nikita RUS-9 Male 25/11/98 Youth (u17) Russia association Anapa Completed
Vršcaj Toni SLO-298 Male 16/02/98 Youth (u17) Slovenian sailing federation WSC Crnomelj Completed
Roici Ivan SLO-9 Male 16/04/98 Youth (u17) TECHNO ITALY Y.C.CUPA Completed
Salim Fekih TUN-2 Male 23/03/99 Youth (u17)
Safouan Mami TUN-5 Male 19/03/98 Youth (u17) fédération tunisienne de voile
Mendelenko Vladyslav UKR-10 Male 27/11/99 Youth (u17) Completed
Goncharenko Oleksandr UKR-46 Male 11/02/99 Youth (u17) Ukraine Dinamo Completed
Nores Maximo USA-102 Male 14/10/98 Youth (u17) US Sailing /US windsurfing Miami Yacht Club Completed
Cramer Steven USA-242 Male 18/10/99 Youth (u17) US windsurf Miami Yacht Club Completed
LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Lauret Micaela Rocio ARG-119 Female 25/09/99 Youth (u17) aaw codoba carlos paz
Petrazzini Francesca ARG-176 Female 04/08/99 Youth (u17) AAW NAUTICO CORDOBA Completed
Saubidet Birkner Celina ARG-403 Female 03/04/00 Youth (u17) aaw nautico san isidro/peru beach
Debaets Eline BEL-78 Female 29/01/98 Youth (u17) VYF Gavermeer Completed
Villa Real Barbara BRA-828 Female 21/09/99 Youth (u17) ABWS TEMPO WIND CLUB Completed
Suarez Magüi ESP-263 Female 27/06/99 Youth (u17) RFEV RCNGC Completed
Benassem Barruel Manon ESP-81 Female 30/12/99 Youth (u17) BIC TECHNO CWHFV Completed
Quintana Delaunay Eva ESP-87 Female 07/03/99 Youth (u17) BIC TECHNO CWHFV Completed
Fatou Losada Maria ESP-9 Female 22/01/98 Youth (u17) RFEV CLUB NAUTICO SEVILLA Completed
Viilop Brigita EST-217 Female 12/11/98 Youth (u17) Estonian Windsurfing Association TLPK Completed
Mahhov Eva Mari EST-400 Female 23/06/14 Youth (u17) Estonian Windsurf Association TPLK
Gauthier-Lissarrague Maelle FRA-14 Female 18/11/98 Youth (u17) France YCMC Completed
Bossard Lucine FRA-166 Female 27/04/98 Youth (u17) Fédération Française de Voile Les Crocodiles de L'élorn Completed
Pianazza Lucie FRA-20 Female 05/10/98 Youth (u17) CNAngoulins Completed
Jarles Marion FRA-3105 Female 03/09/98 Youth (u17) FFV Club Nautique Plouguerneau
Seveyrat Gwenaelle FRA-364 Female 10/08/99 Youth (u17) Fédération Française de Voile ASPTT LYON VOILE Completed
Fichou Armelle FRA-4119 Female 19/08/98 Youth (u17) Les Crocodiles de L'Elorn Completed
Olivier Camille FRA-44 Female 04/05/99 Youth (u17) FFV CNAngoulins Completed
Prieur Laurène FRA-527 Female 04/04/98 Youth (u17) Espoir CNCG La Couarde Completed
Metges Mathilde FRA-637 Female 21/03/98 Youth (u17) Usam Voile Brest Completed
Hauwen Domitille FRA-659 Female 31/07/98 Youth (u17) bic 293 yc calaisis Completed
Montaut Oceane FRA-66 Female 23/02/99 Youth (u17) ffv cn angoulins Completed
Chapot Rachel FRA-833 Female 21/12/98 Youth (u17) Ligue Poitou Charentes France SRRochelaises Completed
Lautridou Lopez Luna FRA-957 Female 15/04/98 Youth (u17) FFV CN Fouesnant Cornouaille Completed
Rosique Olivia FRA-998 Female 08/03/99 Youth (u17) FFV YCMC Completed
Round Marina GBR-224 Female 17/05/00 Youth (u17) RYA Calsho Beach/CWC Completed
Read Alice GBR-248 Female 26/05/98 Youth (u17) RYA Oxford Sailing Club Completed
Watson Erin GBR-3071 Female 04/08/99 Youth (u17) RYA/UKWA Loch Inch Completed
Penny Lowenna GBR-316 Female 10/10/99 Youth (u17) UKWA Roseland Waveriders Completed
Howell Molly GBR-341 Female 29/01/99 Youth (u17) ukwa Hollingworth Completed
Croft Scarlett Olivia GBR-413 Female 10/09/99 Youth (u17) RYA Roseland Waveriders Completed
Grayston Lucy GBR-585 Female 30/07/98 Youth (u17) RYA/UKWA Roseland Waveriders Completed
Adcock Mia GBR-894 Female 04/10/99 Youth (u17) RYA Completed
Woith Maike GER-1311 Female 13/11/99 Youth (u17) DWSV WSeV Completed
Divari Aikaterini GRE-366 Female 08/03/00 Youth (u17) Hellenic Sailing Federation Nautical Athletic Club of Vari Varkiza Completed
Choi Wing Chi HKG-31 Female 20/05/99 Youth (u17) WAHK Completed
Isaak Yarden ISR-252 Female 26/08/99 Youth (u17) Israel sailing assosiation Sdot Yam Completed
Moris Maya ISR-3 Female 14/05/99 Youth (u17) ISRAEL EILAT Completed
Mali Paz ISR-603 Female 25/07/98 Youth (u17) Israel yachting assosiation Eilat sailing club Completed
Morris Maya ISR-607 Female 14/05/99 Youth (u17) Israel Sailing Association Eilat Sailing Club Completed
Romi Gaya ISR-611 Female 29/06/99 Youth (u17) ISRAEL EILAT Completed
Drihan Noy ISR-620 Female 15/11/99 Youth (u17) Israel Eilat Completed
Spychakov Katy ISR-639 Female 06/08/99 Youth (u17) Israel Eilat Completed
Ravitzky Shoval ISR-65 Female 18/03/98 Youth (u17) israel eilat Completed
Donval Lara ISR-953 Female 14/05/98 Youth (u17) Bney Hertzlia Completed
Stancampiano Rosanna ITA-130 Female 20/07/99 Youth (u17) FIV CCRL Completed
Alagna Giula ITA-28 Female 09/03/98 Youth (u17) FIV - IWA ALBARIA CLUB Completed
Schirru Enrica ITA-76 Female 08/05/00 Youth (u17) FIV Windsurfing Club Cagliari Completed
Matsuura Kazami JPN-1118 Female 13/05/99 Youth (u17) Japan sailing federation country harbour Completed
Cepleniece Nikola LAT-128 Female 28/02/99 Youth (u17) LVA Rietumkrasts Completed
Birzule Ketija LAT-151 Female 30/10/98 Youth (u17) Latvia Club 360 Completed
Punte Alise LAT-240 Female 07/07/98 Youth (u17) Latvia club 360/burusorts Completed
Pavlova Marija LAT-52 Female 02/03/99 Youth (u17) LVA Ridzene/LOBS Completed
Askenazi Karen MEX-178 Female 07/04/99 Youth (u17) MORZAS TEAM cancun windsurf Completed
Aguilar Mariana MEX-28 Female 12/03/99 Youth (u17) Federación Mexicana de Vela San Gaspar del lago Completed
Olivares Renata MEX-89 Female 30/07/98 Youth (u17) Federación Mexicana de Vela Escuela de Vela de Puerto Cancun Completed
Van 't Hoff Aimée NED-218 Female 23/03/98 Youth (u17) Watersportverbond Almere-Centraal Completed
Bazo Maria Belen PER-50 Female 07/08/98 Youth (u17) Peruvian Windsurf Association Regatas Lima
Czopek Rowinska Julia POL-170 Female 27/05/99 Youth (u17) Polish Yachting Association Sopocki Club Zeglarski Hestia Sopot Completed
Czopek Rowinska Natalia POL-171 Female 27/05/99 Youth (u17) Polish Yachting Association Sopocki Club Zeglarski Hestia Sopot Completed
Skorupska Iga POL-187 Female 09/10/99 Youth (u17) Polish Yacht Association Gdanski Klub Zeglarski Completed
Lukaszewicz Aleksandra Ola POL-345 Female 02/08/98 Youth (u17) PolishYA SKZ Sopot Completed
Majewska Magdalena POL-507 Female 09/08/99 Youth (u17) POLISH YACHTING  ASSOCIATION BAZA MRAGOWO
Czurylo Julia POL-555 Female 30/04/99 Youth (u17) Polish Yachting Association AZS Poznan Completed
Suchcicka Zuzanna POL-678 Female 06/03/99 Youth (u17) Polish Yachting Association SKZ ERGO HESTIA SOPOT Completed
Naploszek Julia POL-714 Female 07/04/98 Youth (u17) Polski Zwiazek Zeglarski Sopocki Klub Zeglarski Ergo Hestia Sopot
Sekhposyan Mariam RUS-13 Female 13/03/98 Youth (u17) Baltic coast Completed
Malyshenko Ekaterina RUS-15 Female 21/07/99 Youth (u17) Russian SouthSails Completed
Firsova Polina RUS-21 Female 18/06/98 Youth (u17) Y/C SOCHI Completed
Fedichkina Tatiana RUS-55 Female 30/04/99 Youth (u17) Russian SouthSails Completed
Mayorova Khritina RUS-79 Female 28/05/98 Youth (u17) Russia Moscow Sailing school ""Chlebnikovo""
Günenç Derin TUR-703 Female 11/04/99 Youth (u17) Turkish Sailing Federation galatasaray Completed
LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Chamaa Salah Eddine ALG-121 Male 16/07/92 T293 Plus (16+) FAV federation algerienne  de voile
Jonckheere Enzo BEL-73 Male 20/12/96 T293 Plus (16+) VYF VVW INSIDE OUTSIDE Completed
Debeuf Arne BEL-96 Male 19/10/98 T293 Plus (16+) VYF WS Gavermeer Completed
Lembra Christopher EST-420 Male 31/12/98 T293 Plus (16+) EPL TPLK Completed
Conant Pierre FRA-286 Male 06/11/97 T293 Plus (16+) FRANCE SRR Completed
Pouliquen Oel FRA-662 Male 24/05/97 T293 Plus (16+) FFV CENTRE NAUTIQUE DE LORIENT Completed
Bia Louis FRA-665 Male 19/03/97 T293 Plus (16+) FFV YCCALAISIS Completed
Prévost François FRA-7 Male 10/09/95 T293 Plus (16+) cvan Completed
Guevel Clément FRA-710 Male 15/07/97 T293 Plus (16+) FFV CVAN nantes Completed
Tuhault Olivier FRA-863 Male 29/04/95 T293 Plus (16+) Société des régates rochelaise Completed
Le Guillard Rémi FRA-916 Male 03/06/96 T293 Plus (16+) Crocodiles de l'Elorn Completed
Mollard-Tanguy Hugo FRA-999 Male 25/04/97 T293 Plus (16+) FFVoile La Mouette Sinagote Completed
Takiguchi Luis Gustavo GBR-3091 Male 27/10/97 T293 Plus (16+) RYA Coquet Completed
Barnwell Ben GBR-312 Male 30/11/97 T293 Plus (16+) RYA Queen Mary Sailing Club Completed
Barnwell James GBR-325 Male 30/11/97 T293 Plus (16+) RYA Queen Mary Sailing Club Completed
Feri Tommaso ITA-124 Male 07/06/97 T293 Plus (16+) 3885 avwmj Completed
Komatsu Daigo JPN-12-00 Male 28/04/92 T293 Plus (16+) Kyoto univ. Completed
Ishii Ryohei JPN-121 Male 09/01/93 T293 Plus (16+) JUBF Kyoto university windsurfing club Completed
Takatsu Kazuaki JPN-151 Male 05/11/92 T293 Plus (16+) JSAF Keio Univ, Completed
Krauklis Kristians LAT-15 Male 27/09/96 T293 Plus (16+) LVA Club 360/Burusports
Keidans Kristaps LAT-28 Male 27/09/95 T293 Plus (16+) LVA Rietumkrasts Completed
Flores Bravo Mario Absalón MEX-50 Male 24/10/97 T293 Plus (16+) federacion Mexicana de Vela cancun Sailing Completed
Franken Maurits NED-358 Male 20/12/98 T293 Plus (16+) NVW Almere Centraal Completed
LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Date of Birth Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Benassem Barruel Louise ESP-82 Female 03/05/97 T293 Plus (16+) BIC TECHNO CWHFV Completed
Emone Bohorques Andrea ESP-99 Female 17/01/96 T293 Plus (16+) BIC TECHNO CWHFV Completed
Alling Triine Elisa EST-124 Female 01/07/97 T293 Plus (16+) Estonian Windsurfing Association TPLK
Mahhov Eva Mari EST-400 Female 23/06/97 T293 Plus (16+) EPL TPLK Completed
Girard Anne-Claire FRA-225 Female 19/03/97 T293 Plus (16+) FFV Crocodiles de l'Elorn Completed
Dubourg Gaëlle FRA-37 Female 02/05/97 T293 Plus (16+) La Mouette Sinagote Completed
Belbeoch Lucie FRA-388 Female 18/08/95 T293 Plus (16+) Crocodiles de l'elorn Completed
Ségard Léanne FRA-631 Female 19/12/97 T293 Plus (16+) Bic 293 France Yacht club du calaisis Completed
Cristini Juliette FRA-6610 Female 23/06/97 T293 Plus (16+) Fédération Française de Voile Centre Nautique Lorient Completed
Khaladji Juliette FRA-737 Female 07/05/97 T293 Plus (16+) Fédération Française de Voile-FFV Société des Régates Rochelaises Completed
Penfornis Jeanne FRA-889 Female 05/02/97 T293 Plus (16+) La Mouette Sinagote Completed
Le Joliff Clementine FRA-9999 Female 12/04/96 T293 Plus (16+) LA MOUETTE SINAGOTE Completed
Horton Rachel GBR-934 Female 14/05/97 T293 Plus (16+) RYA Poole Completed
Takahashi Hisui JPN-431 Female 07/02/93 T293 Plus (16+) Hosei univ. Completed
Shiraki Seira JPN-53 Female 13/08/92 T293 Plus (16+) Japan Sailing Federation Completed


LAST Name First Name(s) Gender Date of Birth National Class Association Club Payment Status
Alvarez Suarez Patricia Female 23/12/83 Federacion Mexicana Costa Club
Barton Matthew Male 05/09/95 RYA Completed
Beley Moran Male 04/10/58 BIC TECHNO 293 CWHFV Completed
Bennett Chloe Female 02/12/93 RYA Completed
Biancheri Tatjana Female 05/10/80 Federazione Italiana Vela Lega Navale Italiana sez.Ostia Completed
Birzulis Maris Male 10/10/75 Latvia Club 360/Burusports Completed
Bongiorno Blasco Male 10/07/87 FIV C. C. R. Lauria
Bouhadjira Manar 24/09/76 fédération algérienne de voile fédération algérienne de voile
Boutet-Massonneau Valérie Female 18/05/80 FFVoile CDV29 / Aloha Attitude Completed
Broucke Johan Male 25/07/67 VYF VVW Inside-Outside Completed
Chatel Jean-Philippe Male 26/09/77 FFVoile ASPTT Meyzieu - Lyon métropole Completed
Ciabatti Antonello Male 01/08/65 Federazione Italia Vela Windsurfing Club Cagliari Completed
Covre Mauro Male 17/05/69 ITALY Federazione Italiana Vela Completed
De Schepper Lodewijk Male 12/09/48 BABC Belgium Completed
Ferin Ezio Male 13/09/58 ITA A.V.W.M.J. Completed
Franken Leonard Male 27/05/63 KNVW almere centraal Completed
Frohböse Rainer Male 16/06/? Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung (DWSV) Windsurfing Club Hamburg Completed
Gadorfalvi Aron Male Magyar Szörf Szövetség Completed
Girard Etienne Male 28/08/92 FFV Centre Nautique Rostiviec Loperhet
Hagiwara Masahiro Male Japan Sailing Federation Completed
Haithem Ladouz Male 06/07/85 fédération tunisienne de voile
Jekabsons Janis Male 28/03/76 LVA Rietumkrasts Completed
Kanaike Takashi Male Japan Sailing Federation Completed
Lhuillier Maxime Male 28/11/89 FMV Windsurf Cancun Completed
Ma Kwok Po Male WAHK Completed
Meir Ronnie Male 03/08/64 ISRAEL Completed
Nalewajek Mriusz Male School Athletic Sailing Mragowo, Poland
Orain Rémi Male 14/05/91 FFV CDV Morbihan Completed
Rivera Alejandro Male 22/04/89 Federación Española de Vela Club Náutico de Sevilla
Saubidet Raul Male aaw peru beach-cnsi
van Santen Marcus Male 21/12/91 NVW WVLeidschendam Completed
van Velzen Robbert-Jan Male 21/12/79 NVW WV Leidschendam e.o. Completed
Yates Ali Female 22/09/74 RYA
Zakriev Denis Male 05/03/14 Academy sailing Yacht Club of St. Petersburg
Balci Serhan Male Turkish National Techno 293 Team Completed

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