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Women/Girls in FWC

Girls take part in the FWC!

FWC Women

Hi all . . . We are proud to present to you the latest addition to the FWC concept, top pro riders Daida Moreno, Iballa Moreno and Nayra Alonso, together with local rider Nicole Boronat will join the FWC. In yet another innovative concept, on Monday evening we will add their names to the hat to draw the four teams which will now be formed by 4 guys/1girl. We are stoked to launch this new idea with 4 of the best and most radical female pro riders in the history of windsurfing. All riders, girls and guys, will be competing against each other in the same conditions making for an amazing contest. We look forward to seeing all 4 on the water!

The participation of the women in this event has been a long time project of the organisation and now that is finally done we are sure that not only enrich the great spectrum of the professional windsurfers taking part, but also make evident the importance of the female rider in a minority sport, such as windsurfing. We hope that with this addition, the event will prove to be more well rounded and will not only serve as a media to promote the island of Fuerteventura, but also to continue the development of the female side of the sport.

Talking to the "girls" the other day we had a great morning just chatting over a nice cup of coffee - check what came out: :4 girls interview english

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