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Aloha Maui Windsurfing Clinic

Shawna Crowpas

Spring has arrived on Maui and along with it more consistent winds so far! It's also when all the pros and 2011 equipment come to town for photo shoot season on the North Shore. Shawna Cropas (http://www.shawnacropas.com/) a long time Neil Pryde/JP rider and windsurfing coach will be running a week long in depth windsurfing tuition clinic which will run from April 25th to the 1st of May. We'll be setting up base at a private guest home on the North Shore of Maui using the latest 2010 Neil Pryde/JP stock through Vela (www.velawindsurf.com)/Neil Pryde Maui (neilprydemaui.com)

Every day will start with on land simulator work using the mornings to really learn new techniques through a process of repetition called 'Muscle Memory' in order to bring our new moves to the water in the afternoons. We will also be offering video tutorials where we go over our windsurfing progressions from the day before. Shawna will spend the afternoon working with the group and then moving around to sail and work privately with each individual’s personal needs and skill levels. Should you be on holiday with a non-windsurfer who has always wanted to wet their feet at least once, beginner lessons will be available through HST at Kanaha Beach Park.

Stand up paddling will be introduced for fun as well on the off chance of days with no wind. Evenings can be enjoyed by the surrounding of Maui's beach life culture from BBQ's to nights out on the town rubbing elbows with all the names in the game! Not to mention that during this course we'll be able to watch and be introduced to some of the best windsurfers on the planet!

Shawna Crowpas

(photos by Thorsten Indra)

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