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ENTRY LIST updated 08/12/14

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Gender Age Division Date of Birth NCA/MNA Payment Status Charter
Messiaen Jean-Baptiste FRA-8111 Men Espoir 16/04/75
Brettell Gabriel HKG-10 Men 06/03/94 Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong Completed Yes
Cheng Kwok Fai HKG-18 Men 10/10/83 Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong Completed Yes
Leung Tsz Chung HKG-23 Men Espoir 11/01/97 Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong Completed Yes
Ma Kwan Ching HKG-3 Women Espoir 31/08/97 Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong Completed Yes
Murthi Sasa Kkrisna INA Men Papua, Indonesia Yes
Raiwan Rika INA Women 18/01/00 South Sulawesi,Indonesia Yes
Sabara Mahardika INA Men 18/01/00 South Sulawesi,Indonesia Yes
Suartana Komang INA Men Bali, Indonesia Yes
Subagiasa Gede INA Men Bali, Indonesia Yes
Sulaksana Oka INA Men Master 12/02/00 Bali, Indonesia Yes
Sulaksana Candr Pertiwi INA Women Espoir 17/01/00 Bali, Indonesia Yes
Sulaksana Gopala INA Men Espoir 14/01/00 Bali, Indonesia Yes
Suyuti Syarif INA Men 25/01/00 South Sulawesi,Indonesia Yes
Wiranata Wayan INA Men Papua, Indonesia Yes
Witnyana Kadek INA Men Papua, Indonesia Yes
Fatwa Wirna INA-12 Men 10/10/90 West Java/Indonesia Yes
Junedi INA-12 Men 30/05/80 West Java/Indonesia Yes
Hendra INA-157 Men 16/03/89 Banten, Indonesia Yes
Nugraha Robby INA-7 Men Master 07/06/89 Yes
Sampelan Micah INA-7 Men Master 18/05/67 West Java/Indonesia Yes
Damanta Mario INA-9 Men Espoir 21/07/94 Yes
Kazuyoshi Nagashima JPN-108 Men Master 18/01/67 Japan Completed Yes
Nagashima Karen JPN-1081 Women Espoir 16/01/67 Japan Completed Yes
Narita Shunsuke JPN-1101 Men Master 24/07/71 JAPAN Completed yes
Onishi Tsunehisa JPN-12-9 Men Espoir 11/07/94 JAPAN Completed Yes
Komatsu Daigo JPN-1200 Men Master 28/04/92 Japan Completed No
Ishii Ryohei JPN-121 Men Master 09/01/93 Japan Completed No
Takahashi Kazuki JPN-1234 Men Espoir 16/03/95 JAPAN Completed Yes
Yamabe Miki JPN-131 Women Espoir 23/01/94 Japan Completed Yes
Takatsu Kazuaki JPN-151 Men Espoir 05/11/92 JSAF Completed Yes
Iwasaki Yuta JPN-170 Men Espoir 07/11/89 Japan Completed Yes
Makihara Hiroaki JPN-20 Men Espoir 04/06/92 JAPAN Completed Yes
Yamamoto Masashi JPN-21 Men Espoir 02/12/93 Japan Completed Yes
Utsunomiya Toru JPN-38 Men Espoir 16/11/87 JAPAN Completed Yes
Kensuke Higashi JPN-39-1 Men 06/07/93 Completed Yes
Takahashi Hisui JPN-431 Women Espoir 02/07/93 Japan Completed Yes
Tsutsui Ayumi JPN-439 Women Espoir 16/12/93 Completed Yes
Takashima Tomoyuki JPN-5 Men Master 07/03/66 JSAF Completed Yes
Ogawa Mizuki JPN-536 Women Espoir 09/05/93 JAPAN Completed Yes
Kaibigan Yancy PHI-08 Men Espoir 21/02/96 Yes
Amboy Renz Angelo PHI-14 Men Espoir 19/01/99 Philippine Windsurfing Association Yes
Coveta Geylord PHI-4 Men 25/08/81 Yes
Magmanlac Kendell Nick PHI-7 Men Espoir 03/07/94 Yes
Masdrigal John Harold PHI-78 Men Espoir 07/07/94 Philippine Windsurfing Association Yes
THA-1 Phannipha THA Women 03/05/92 Yes
THA-2 Prapart THA Men 29/09/83 Yes

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