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Katie McAnena's Top Tip

If I have any tip for women windsurfers, it's when it comes to any piece of gear, whether it be a harness, board, sail or anything else - DON'T OVER-ANALYSE IT!
As a girl it's incredibly important to be happy and 100% comfortable with your windsurfing kit. Men can get away with having gear that isn't set up right for them but it's different for women. So my advice is, invest in good gear.
Being a student myself I know that it seems too much of a luxury to buy expensive gear but trust me, it's worth it. For every 3 crappy 2nd hand sails you buy, if you spent the same amount on just one good one you'd realise what a difference it makes. Buy LIGHT gear, invest in a 100% carbon mast, just save up and invest, it's soooo worth it! But also don't agonise over tiny details.
Yes, it's extremely important to rig your gear right but if you over-think it and over-analyse it, then you miss out on spending the time which is most important to knowing what set-up you like, and that' spending time on the water.
If I held off going on the water for everyday when I wasn't sure about my sail size, board size or rig set-up then I'd have missed out on all the invaluable things I've learned from just getting on the water and FEELING it.
In terms of a harness, for sure try out different set-ups, but do it on the water having fun and getting a feel for it, not on land talking about it! (oh and I use 28" lines - definitely have a play around with different line lengths).
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