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Women/Julia Slack

Flow Rider: Julia Slack

Name: Julia Slack

DOB: 26/09/85

Occupation: I work in a School getting kids to Learn Outside the classroom.

Watersports: Windsurfing - Got hooked in 2007 and started competing at the end of last year in the Ladies Freestyle and BWA events.

Surfing - love it when all the girls are heading out together!

Stand up Paddle Surfing - After getting into flat water SUP I was then introduced to SUP surfing, which is prefect when the waves are not quite right for surfing and to get away from the crowded surf beaches in the waves the surfers don't want!!

Julia is your go to girl for advice on: Windsurfing and road tripping in Europe and Morocco in a van, having spent the last four summers traveling I can recommend some great beaches for surf, sup and windsurfing from beginners up.
Vans... the perfect mini van conversion for chicks and your kit!! 
Get in touch:  http://www.facebook.com/FLOWatersports.Riders 
FLOW says: "Julia knows the south west like the back of her hand, and can regularly be seen out at any number of beaches. She is a natural and quickly advancing in many watersports, her enthusiasm and coaching skills are second to none. Jules can also regularly be found camera in hand, snappy some beautiful shots of others on the water and the stunning cornish scenery."
Julia says: "This site is great and FLOW has certainly put me in touch with loads more windsurfing Chicks :O) Get in touch with any of the FLOW riders for advice on getting into watersports, its great and us girls love it when there are more of us out there!"
In Julia's kit bag:  
78 Tabou Pocket wave - possibly the prettiest board out there! 
90 JP Freestyle board
 Maui Legends (Great soft, light sails for us girls) 
Chinook full carbon boom 
Spartan Suits 
About Julia: "I live and work in Devon finishing work at 3.30 allowing me to live the dream and get maximum time on the water after work and every weekend, windsurfing, SUPing and surfing! I started windsurfing in 2007 and with a little help and a lot of time researching I bought myself two sails and a board and was then on the water what ever the weather. In 2008 I became a windsurf instructor so I could pass on my enthusiasm for the sport, I then spent the next three years working in the water sports industry. I have been lucky enough to spend the last four summers traveling in a van, windsurfing and surfing some of the top locations in Southern Spain, Morocco and Portugal and plan to do the same again this summer."
Julia is supported by: Will Rogers K834 http://windsurfingwilly.wordpress.com/, and all the FLOW Chicks!!


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