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Connect to Windsurfing/Boards Basics


Boards Basics
Welcome to Boards Basics

Welcome to windsurfing! Do you want to get into the best watersport in the world? Do you want a unique [...]

beachstart The BeachStart

Rather than having to uphaul your sail every time you leave the shore, beachstarting is a swift and very controlled way to get going; Simon Bornhoft joins Boards to talk you through the next technique in the Basics series.

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Boards Basics

Going Faster

Once you're comfortable in the harness and straps, you’ll be able to use larger sails and reach planing speeds. On modern equipment, it doesn't take long to progress enough to experience the thrill of skimming over the water at about 20 Knots.

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Carrying Kit

Carrying Your Kit

Getting the kit down to the shore should be an easy and refined experience, not one big struggle. The first [...]

Getting into the harness

Getting Going in the Harness

Want to feel the windsurfing rush? Want to feel part of the board and rig? As you progress into slightly [...]

Learning to windsurf
The Windsurf Journey: First Steps

Learning to windsurf is an exciting journey, from the anticipation of the first lesson through to the thrill of the [...]

Windsurfing and The Weather

Windsurfing is a sport intrinsically linked to mother nature. Windsurfers are not only affected by the weather, but whole heartedly [...]

Hove Windsurfing
The Windsurfers Journey: Getting Planing

In the first installment of the the Windsurfers Journey, we caught up with James just as he took part in [...]

Where Can Windsurfing Take You?

Windsurfing is a wonderfully diverse and very accessible sport and there are a multitude of options as to where you [...]

upwind windsurfing
Wind Direction, Uphauling & Getting Going

As part of our Basics series Simon Bornhoft now goes through some of the key techniques which speed up your [...]


Simon Bornhoft joins Boards for the next instalment of Basics, the ultimate guide for those taking the first steps in [...]

Gybe 4

Simon Bornhoft joins Boards for the next instalment of Basics, this time covering the gybe. Gybing is a downwind turn [...]

Windsurfing off Hove Lagoon
The Windsurfer's Journey: Strapping Up

James Hart again joins Boards Basics, he has now been on the water for a good few months. James is [...]

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