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updated 09/04/14



LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Date of Birth Gender Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Augé Benjamin FRA-2 14/12/95 Male Youth (u20) F.F.V. C.N.Marignane Completed
Longeville Cesar FRA-822 12/03/96 Male Youth (u20) f.f.v H.W.O Completed
Cloarec Jean Michel FRA-8888 22/11/68 Male Grandmaster  Fédération française de voile Cnm Completed
Schliemann Ann-Christin GER-1003 07/04/99 Female Junior (u17) DWSV Windsurfclub Hamburg
Hausberg Moritz GER-403 29/08/97 Male Youth (u20) DWSV Surf-Club-Kiel
Sülter Uwe GER-633 13/07/57 Male Grandmaster  Completed
Hirschberg Christian GER-750 31/03/68 Male Grandmaster  DWSV DWSC Completed
Asmussen Gunnar GER-88 23/12/78 Male Master  Completed
Geiger Richard HUN-206 06/02/01 Male Junior (u17) Magyar Szörf Szövetség Magyar Szörf Akadémia Completed
Kooij Jakob NED-273 04/10/99 Male Junior (u17) Watersportverbond WSV Texel Completed
Wennekes Sam NED-823 31/03/98 Male Junior (u17) NVW Almere Centraal Completed
Davidson Peter SWE-11 23/05/66 Male Grandmaster Swedish Windsurfing Association Torshamns Vindsurfing Klubb (TVK) Completed
Rosen Davidson Axel SWE-113 12/05/05 Male Youth (u20) Swedish Windsurfing Association Torshamns Vindsurfing klubb (TVK) Completed
Marino Juan VEN-103 13/01/76 Male Master Federacion Venezolana De Vela Fundacion Ninos a Toda Vela

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