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updated 27/03/15

LAST Name First Name(s) Sail Number Date of Birth Gender Age Division National Class Association Club Payment Status
Broucke Thomas BEL-39 26/09/00 Male Junior VYF VVW Inside-Outside Completed
Overwater Stijn CUR-123 04/08/99 Male Junior WSCA Completed
Rioja Miguel Angel ESP-1110 19/09/73 Male Master  RFEV Tarifa Windsurfing Completed
Pare Rico Marc ESP-334 22/05/98 Male Youth RFE DE VELA GENROSES 77%
Merceur Benoit FRA-1159 28/07/01 Male Junior FFV VLG
Mantion Hugo FRA-1300 18/09/99 Male Junior FFV OGS Voile Completed
Styczen Carol FRA-146 08/08/78 Male Master  CNHSV Completed
Collin Xavier FRA-157 28/12/77 Male Master  Fédération Française de  voile 57012 Cattenom Completed
Merceur Thomas FRA-159 13/07/97 Male Youth FFV CV Pyla s/Mer
Turpin Tim FRA-1616 20/10/00 Male Junior FFV Yacht Club du Calaisis Completed
Casteras Thomas FRA-17 05/05/98 Male Youth Neptune Completed
Clement Tanguy FRA-286 25/04/03 Male Junior FFV Cercle Nautique Cap d'ail Completed
Simonet Marie-Eugenie FRA-312 12/08/97 Female Youth  FFV Neptune club Completed
Thomas Tanguy FRA-339 19/07/98 Male Youth  FFV Voile Lacanau Guyenne Completed
Despres Maceo FRA-413 21/03/01 Male Junior ffv neptune Completed
Le Saux Xavier FRA-420 06/03/72 Male Master  FFV CN Lancieux Completed
Goyard Nicolas FRA-465 03/01/96 Male Youth  ACPV Completed
Godon William FRA-582 24/09/01 Male Junior 1302323M C62003 cev BERCK
Rigaut Adrien FRA-6 06/11/00 Male Junior FFV OGS Voile Completed
Merceur Michel FRA-600 12/11/64 Male Grandmaster  FFV CV Pyla / mer Completed
Brancato Yann FRA-673 21/07/00 Male Junior 1292072J Neptune Club La Ciotat Completed
Courtiade Fabien FRA-70 05/12/72 Male Master  Federation Francaise de Voile Neptune Club La Ciotat Completed
Sciarli Pierre-Louis FRA-719 19/08/98 Male Youth  SLNP 77%
Louis Arnaud FRA-802 28/05/72 Male Grandmaster  HWO Completed
Gaillard Dominique FRA-832 16/10/64 Male Grandmaster  COYCH Completed
Arnoux Damien FRA-848 23/06/98 Male Youth  Federation Française de Voile Hyères Windsurf Organisation (HWO) Completed
Bayer Jules FRA-872 06/07/01 Male Junior FFV H.W.O
Clement Eddie FRA-881 26/11/99 Male Junior FFV Cercle Nautique Cap d'Ail Completed
Vandenbussche Franck FRA-899 20/07/99 Male Junior FFV OGS VOILE Completed
Rigaut Louis FRA-9 08/07/98 Male Youth  FFV OGS VOILE Completed
Boussir Florian FRA-91 04/09/97 Male Youth  OGS Voile Completed
Giambino Jean-Philippe FRA-913 21/07/69 Male Grandmaster  S.L.N. Porticcio Completed
Limonier Franck FRA-930 30/09/60 Male Grandmaster  YACHT CLUB TOULON Completed
Macquaert Pierre FRA-945 12/10/98 Male Youth  Ycc CALAISIS Completed
Dehaumont Arnaud FRA-949 25/07/99 Male Junior FFV Marignane Completed
Adamidis Philip GRE-1 16/05/66 Male Grandmaster  ANCSM Completed
Orel Liam SLO-11 29/11/00 Male Junior Slovenian sailing federation JK Jadro Koper
Lican Luka Martin SLO-72 15/11/00 Male Junior JZS YC JADRO KOPER Completed
Baylav San TUR-2000 10/06/00 Male Junior turkey no club
Osmanoglu Metin TUR-37 21/04/62 Male Grandmaster  TYF AWC Completed
Sönmez Atakan TUR-603 14/09/98 Male Youth Goztepe Windsurf Club Completed
Morgan Erkan TUR-611 31/05/71 Male Master  Tyf Göztepe Windsurf Club Completed
Gerzile Ali Sinan TUR-74 27/01/74 Male Master  Turkish sailing federation Eayk

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