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Organisation/NCA Membership


New enquiries:  iwaoffice@internationalwindsurfing.com

Changes for 2019: 

RSOne Convertible will merge with the RSOne Class.
Also, Formula Windsurfing Class includes Formula Foiling.

The fee for Techno 293 Plus Class remains at 100 eur

Two important changes for 2018:

1) two new classes have been added – RSConvertible Class and the Techno 293 Plus Class. For 2018 the start up fee is 100 euro **

2) Formula Experience Class has been merged with Formula Windsurfing Class

To pay for membership please complete the form here: https://form.jotform.com/80372169034959 after reading the notes below. 

Payment may be made by PayPal (using credit/debit card or paypal account) 
bank transfer to:
The International Windsurfing Association
IBAN: GB93 BARC 2008 4452 9772 99
Barclays Bank Plc, GB

All bank charges must be paid by you. Please include your three letter country code and "NCA2019" in your payment advice

The IWA office will issue receipts as soon as payment is received.

Associations requiring an invoice for payment should complete and submit the form then contact the IWA office.

Membership - €200 per class: ** 

- one vote at the Class AGM,
- one vote (per class) at the IWA AGM,
- unlimited number of representatives of your country to take part in IWA sanctioned* class championship events per year (subject to qualification restrictions if applied).

For developing nations and those National Class Associations (NCA's) that are unable to be fully represented at class world and continental championships, ie 2 active competitor members or less.

Limited Membership (LTD) - €100 per class:  

- one vote at the Class AGM,
- one vote (per class) at the IWA AGM,
NB: only up to two representatives of your country to take part in IWA sanctioned* class championship events per year.  Class secretaries are urged to check competition entry lists which will also be monitored by IWA!

Cleared payments will be listed on: http://internationalwindsurfing.com/windsurfing_competion_0511v01.htm.  This page may be checked by event organisers to ensure competitors meet eligibility requirements* at registration:  As specified in each Notice of Race for IWA Sanctioned* Events:  "Competitors shall be members of a National Class Association which is a paid up member of the relevant international class association . . ."   

Competitors not meeting these eligibility requirements* may be asked to take "individual membership" of IWA (25)

All affiliated National Class Associations are listed on the IWA website

Each affiliated National Association has an IWA webpage linked from the listing page above.  You choose what to include and update as often as necessary by contacting iwaoffice@internationalwindsurfing.com

National Championship Events, open to foreign competitors, can be added to the IWA and relevant class calendars:  http://www.internationalwindsurfing.com/windsurfing_competion_0003v01.htm

Each NCA should nominate one member as the IWA delegate (ie primary contact for class info).  This could be one person for all classes, or a different person per class they represent.

IWA Delegate (from the IWA constitution)

10.3.1 Full Members entitled to vote at General Meetings shall appoint in writing a representative to represent the views of the relevant Full Member at General Meetings.

10.3.2 If a Full Member represents more than one national Member Class, it may empower a Delegate to cast one (1) vote for each Member Class represented, which Delegate may be the same person for each Member Class represented or a different person for each Member Class represented.

10.3.3 The IWA Manager shall be advised of each Full Member`s delegated Member Class representative(s) for the coming 12 months, on or before 1 January of each year.
Note for an IWA Delegate – Votes (at a General Meeting) may be given either personally or by proxy

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