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2017 Annual Ranking Lists:  Overall / Cat A / Cat C

Minutes of the ID2CA 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on September 7th in Hungary have now been published.

Minutes of the ID2CA Annual General Meeting 2016, Brest France

Voting Results Summary

2016 Annual Ranking ListsOverall / Cat A / Cat C

Formerly the International Displacement Division of Sailboards (Division II) Association, the ID2CA has been formed to regroup windsurfers sailing Division II sailboards as well as to promote and develop again the Div II Class throughout the world.

A Division II sailboard is defined as a round bottom sailboard built to International Displacement Division Measurement Rules initially set by the International Board Sailing Association (IBSA) and approved by the International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU) from 1979 to 1992. An objective of ID2CA is the conception and production of new Division II boards and sails using new technologies, according to its Class Rules (effective 1st January 2017).

ID2CA Class Rules (CR) specify 3 types of sail:

Type A (CR 3.8)

Triangular 'one-design', short-battened sails with maximum sail area of 6.5 sq.m.

Type B (CR 3.9)

Open in design, fully battened, with a maximum sail area of 7.5 sq.m.

Type C (CR 3.10)

Open in design and use of materials; with maximum sail: size 9.5 sq.m for heavyweight men, 8.5 sq.m for women and lightweight men.

Mast (CR 3.5)

The length of the mast for "Type A" rigs shall not exceed 4800mm measured from the deck at the mast foot.
For "Type B" rigs the length of the mast shall not exceed 5300mm.
For "Type C" rigs the length of the mast shall not exceed 6000mm.

Boom (CR 3.6)

The size of the boom is optional for "Type A" and "Type B"
The size of the boom shall not exceed 3000mm for "Type C"
Limitation of Equipment (CR 5)

During the regatta only one board, three sails and two centerboards may be used. Not more than two sails shall be greater than 6.5 m2 measured in accordance with these rules. Only one sail and one centerboard shall be carried during a race.
The Class Rules should be read for full details about the measurement rules for D2 equipment. 

Appendix A - Procedure for Division II Sailboards Measurement
The ID2CA regattas will be run according to the Championship and Racing Rules.

ID2CA Annual Ranking System

For further information:

contact:  International Secretary: Tal Golan 

Facebook / Twitter

Website: http://www.opendivision2.org/


Canadian Masters News item - "Once upon a time - queens of the regatta . . ." 

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