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Last update: 15/07/18

First Name Last Name Country Sailing/Yacht Club Sail Number Gender
Christian  Benzing Germany SV Dingelsdorf - Surfverein Rheinstetten GER-77 Male
Anders Bjorkqvist Sweden Torkelstorp Windsurfing klubb SWE-877 Male
Victor Couto Mena Spain Male
Jim Crossley United Kingdom K33 Male
Pete Davis United Kingdom UKWA K73 Male
Zara Davis United Kingdom UKWA K47 Female
Bjorn Dunkerbeck Spain e11 dunkerbeck E11 Male
Liam Dunkerbeck Spain E11 Male
Markus Emanuelsson Sweden SWE-55 Male
Cyril Evrard Belgium ULYC BEL-250 Male
Gavin Furmenger UK Weymouth GBR-483 Male
Michael George UK K-888 Male
Juan Herrero Barrientos Spain ONEXE - Corralejo E-1115 Male
Andreas Jaeger Germany GER-911 Male
Kai Kaufmann Germany LG Wipperfürth GER-137 Male
Stephan Krause Germany GER-70 Male
Panagiotis  Lykos Greece Male
Alain Montauzou France Winsurf FRA-500 Male
Patrick Oberlender Germany SurfandKiteDüsseldorf GER-255 Male
Matthias Popp Germany VDWS GER-2907 Male
Alberto Possati Italy I-107 Male
Marcus  Richardson Sweden WWC SWE-30 Male
Oliver Schaarschmidt Spain GER-91 Male
Anne Schindler Spain E11 Björn Dunkerbeck ESP-179 Female
Nigel Spriggs UK GBR-157 Male
Twan Verseput Netherlands Surfclub Texel NED-127 Male
Mattias Vos Spain ESP-512 Male
Trevor Lyn Whatford United Kingdom UKWA GBR-637 Male
Patrik Zelger Germany Surfclub Alpsee Immenstadt BAY-03 Male


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