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Posted On:  27/02/2021 19:48:25

Dear Division 2 sailors, following the decisions taken in the 2020 AGM, ID2CA will apply from 2021 a new Trophy the "Division 2 World Trophy". ......( more )

Posted On:  12/02/2021 12:25:30
The Deutscher Segler-Verband (German sailing federation) has released new guidelines for olympic and pre-olympic windsurfing. The concept was developed in close co-operation with the German windsurfing NCAs (national class associations) Deutsche Windsurfing Vereinigung (DWSV) and German Windsurfing Association (GWA). ......( more )
Techno Wind Foil 130 Successful Lift-Off
Posted On:  11/02/2021 22:20:16
At the first international Techno Wind Foil event that took place at the end of October 2020 on Lake Garda, Italy, numerous clubs and teams were able to see the qualities and potential of Techno Wind Foil 130 live at first hand. Great performance in light winds, easy accessibility, smooth control in stronger winds... [more]
Posted On:  06/02/2021 20:27:55

What a memorable event.

In a time where things we always had taken for granted is hard to accomplish, it was a great pleasure to come to Terceira Island, Azores for the postponed 2020 Formula Windsurfing Foil European Champion.......( more )

Raul Pasqualin
Posted On:  29/01/2021 09:47:39

We are very sad to have learnt that Raul Pasqualin has passed away.

Raul was a historic and enthusiastic windsurfer, a Techno293 International Measurer, a hands-on developer of the sport and above all a great human being.

We will remember Raul as a humble, fair, honest and optmistic person.
Our thoughts go to his family. We have lost a real sportsman.

Posted On:  28/01/2021 08:41:14

The event that was to be the Australian Raceboard Nationals took place in another form from 23rd to 26th at Saratoga Sailing Club in NSW.

......( more )
Posted On:  16/01/2021 20:45:09

Windsurfing Queensland will be hosting the Bris Vegas Windfoil Pro' from January 29 to 31 at The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. Sponsored by Patrik Windsurfing, three days of epic racing in summer sea breezes is expected on the beautiful sailing grounds of Waterloo Bay.......( more )

Posted On:  04/01/2021 11:12:34

20 December 2020, Muscat: The Sultanate of Oman has been chosen to host the 2021 Asian Windsurfing Championships, marking a return to elite international competition for the Techno293, Techno293Plus and the foiling Formula Windsurfing class, which is included for the first time in Asian Windsurfing Championship history. ......( more )

Posted On:  29/12/2020 14:55:45
2020 was a unique year not just for the Supercup windsurfing series. Despite the hard times we managed to keep the flame burning and organize all three Supercup events this year. With total of 123 participants in Techno and Raceboard classes. Big thanks to all the organisers and participant this year, who often had to walk an extra mile  just to make simple things happen. ......( more )
Season's Greetings
Posted On:  23/12/2020 15:21:59
Season's Greetings and memorable windsurfing around the world in 2021 

the IWA team
Heading into the future - Class submissions
Posted On:  21/12/2020 13:38:35

2020 has forced many of our classes to hold their Annual General Meetings online with some notable outcomes coming from the Techno and Formula Windsurfing meetings.

Please follow these links to Techno and FWC AGM summary and minutes.




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