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Posted On:  10/01/2022 14:59:09
The International Windsurfing Association presidency rotates each year around the vice presidents, who are the appointed class representatives. In 2022 we welcome the IFCA/IFCA Youth delegate Bruno de Wannemaeker for his 4th term as President. ......( more )
Happy New Year!
Posted On:  31/12/2021 16:00:12
May the New Year 2022 bring you fun and success on and off the water!
Posted On:  23/12/2021 11:52:25
The World Sailing Youth World Championships ended as it began: with a beautiful ceremony and centre stage for the sailors who made their mark on the week-long event. Between these two ceremonies a full schedule of races at a level not far short of Olympic standard, making this Championships a huge success. (read more)
Posted On:  06/12/2021 14:40:25

Next year the Multivan Windsurf Cup, Germanys highest windsurfing series will get more spectacular and much easier to follow. The overlap between the different racing disciplines is removed and Germany will focus on a spectacular slalom format. ......( more )

Posted On:  04/12/2021 17:17:07

Foiling has not been around for long in our sport, but one person is proving to be an unstoppable force. Nicolas Goyard has shown that when it comes to foiling, he is the Champion. From the Olympic Class through professional tour and, of course, to the Formula Windsurfing Class, Nico has won it all. This year’s defense of the title from Silvaplana was not an easy task, however. ......( more )

Posted On:  03/12/2021 15:56:22

The Multivan Windsurf Cup is the highest national windsurfing series in Germany. The regattas are embraced by huge events that can easily withstand the comparison with many world cups. Competitors from foreign countries are not only allowed but very welcome at the regatta. Many athletes from different countries regularly take the chance to challenge the German windsurfing elite. Now the dates for next years tour have been published. In 2022 the series consists out of five events on some of the most beautiful beaches in Germany. ......( more )

Posted On:  31/10/2021 14:42:16

Lake Garda - the most legendary inland sailing spot in the world in a stunning location, has welcomed yet again the Techno293 Class. This time it was special, as we had 300 competitors from Asia, Africa and Europe and being a Junior and Youth Class, it meant it was a first major event for many of the sailors coming to Torbole. ......( more )

Techno293 Worlds, Sun, wind, sailing
Posted On:  27/10/2021 12:44:24
The wait is over, the superb spot here at Lake Garda was open for business on this second day of the 2021 Techno 293OD World Championships. The sun shone, the wind blew, and all the fleets were able to finally get out and enjoy all that is great about this amazing class, sailing and racing together, competing hard for the World Champion Techno 293OD titles that are at stake.(read more)
2021 Techno293 Worlds - The 300
Posted On:  24/10/2021 21:35:25
Welcome to Techno Torbole, as it is just now. Techno has been lucky enough to have been regular visitors to this amazing and legendary sail sports spot over the years. (read more)
Posted On:  24/10/2021 08:39:24

From 20 to 22 October, as a prologue event to the Techno 293OD World Championships in Torbole, Italy, an International Wind Foil One Design Championship has demonstrated the bright future in store for the discipline. ......( more )

Posted On:  23/10/2021 09:43:39
It seems it was yesterday…Division II regrouped again in Portoroz Slovenia for their annual European championship from September 8th to 12th this summer. ......( more )




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