Welcome to our journey through the history of windsurfing, one of the most fascinating sports ever created. Told by the legends that rode the wind and waters of yesterday Follow the rise of invention through the sunset of the windsurfer one design era; the sports revolution of funboard design and the journey into the surf; a technological evolution where equipment becomes lighter and maneuvers go off the chart; forerunners of the modern wind warriors and youth movement of today.

Windsurfing Museum Part One: Prague “Welcome to the only windsurfing museum in Central Europe. Key part of the exposition is the extensive collection of sails and boards and other equipment from 1974 to 1999…”
Windsurfing Museum Part Two: Sardinia “The museum was inaugurated on 16 June 2018, on the occasion of the “50th years windsurfer party”…”
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Happy Birthday Windsurfing – 55 Years “Today marks 55 years of Windsurfing. On May 21st, 1967 on a sunny and breezy spring day, inventor Jim Drake sailed the world’s first windsurfer and changed water sports forever. . .”.


The greatest windsurfing escape: Deckert and Kluender flee East Germany “Ruled by the Soviet Union, the Deutsche Demokratische

Republik saw about three million of the country’s 17 million citizens leaving the country searching for freedom and a better life.. . . . “

When Windsurfing Was Strong in the USA “Windsurfing was born in the USA, and until class racing imploded due to an over-emphasis on extreme gear and X Games type competitions, the US sailors were as good as any. While there are signs in the US today of a comeback for windsurfing, this story revisits an era when it was strong. . . . “
Wind Legends “Windsurfing, back in the day, Europe was crazy, everybody had a board on their car – in the whole world it was the fastest growing sport . . . “
Wind Legends Part Two: The History of Windsurfing “. . . treated like kings, it was insane . . . there were so many people wanting to windsurf it was like ‘rage on the water’ . . . it was such an ‘in thing’ that one out of every three cars had a windsurfer on it.  It was all about one design, about the ‘Windsurfer’ . . . we created a life, a tremendous life . . .”
Wind Legends Part Three: The History Of Windsurfing
” . . . having a blast . . . we went from this 12 foot board to something like 6 foot 10  . . . we had learnt how to waterstart and we were wave surfing . . .
it was wild, there was something new to learn every weekend.  This was the ‘golden era’, the sport was just booming . . . plenty of money rolling in with sponsorship opportunities . . . thousands of people turned out to watch .  . it was just full on “
Wind Legends Invention “Who invented the sport of windsurfing ? . . . I dunno, who was it?  You tell me, I’ve heard so many different stories . . .”