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Event Manual: Event Manual 3 & 4

A. Sanctioned events
i. A IWA sanctioned event is an established regatta of an international character, at which the rules of the relevant class apply; where the SA’s Class Technical representatives are present and whose event organiser has signed an agreement with the IWA;

ii. The event may be subject to an international qualification system defined by the relevant class;

iii. National entries may also be subject to national qualification requirements established by the national sailing federation or its delegated authority.

The Notice of Race and sailing Instructions are determined by the IWA and the relevant class.

iv. The following category of event has to be “sanctioned” by the IWA:

World & Continental Championships

World Tour Regatta

Word/Continental qualifying event

vii. The following category of event has to be “approved” by the IWA but may also have to be “sanctioned”.

Continental Tour Regatta

Regional Championships

B. Championships & locations

i. A World/continental championship may not be held by the same National WA or LOA in two consecutive years.

ii. A World championship cannot be held on the same continent (including adjacent islands) for more than two consecutive years. Nor may it be held in the same hemisphere for more than three years. It will circulate to each of the five Continents, in rotation, where possible.

iii. A bid for a World Championship will not normally be accepted until the proposed LOA has successfully run one continental championship or 3 regional championships, in succeeding years .

iv. Regional/Tour events will be awarded to LOAs who agree to abide by the conditions set in Sect 7 & 8.

v. Seminars shall be run by LOAs, as a matter of course, at all continental and regional Championships.

vi. A World Championship shall consist of a minimum schedule of five days of racing,. There shall be an additional two days of registration & measurement. A continental Championship shall consist of a minimum of four race days.

vii. One rest day may be scheduled depending on the format of the competition.

viii. The official racing rules of the ISAF shall govern, except as modified by the relevant class rules and the sailing instructions.

ix. If any national prescriptions are to apply, they shall first be published in the NoR.

x. Registration fees shall be reduced to a minimum and set by the IWA.

B. All Olympic Classes Regattas

i. Olympic Class regattas are not sanctioned by the IWA. The current Olympic windsurfing class is normally included in AOC Regattas worldwide. These regattas are sanctioned by their MNAs.

ii. Entries normally come from competitors selected by their MNAs. There are no weight or age divisions

C. World Sailing Rankings-The Official ISAF Rankings for Olympic Classes

i. The ISAF set criteria for international events in order that they may be graded. (Worlds + Grades 1 ,2 or 3).

ii. Competitors earn points dependant on the grade of the regatta and their overall finishing position in the fleet. These points are calculated by the ISAF and added to the competitors World Sailing Ranking points. Only his/her six best results over two years are included.

iii. The lists are published monthly by the ISAF and are an indication of the top competitors sailing in the world today.

D. Regional Ranking Lists
i. IWA is in the process of setting up regional regatta series, around the world. These open championship events will count towards their own regional ranking lists.

ii. The purpose of these series is to enable new or less well off competitors to race internationally and establish themselves, without having to expend large sums of money to travel the world.

iii. If these regattas also meet the ISAF criteria for grading towards the World Sailing Rankings, competitors will earn points there too.

E. Qualification for the Olympic Regatta

i. The number of competitors at the Olympic Regatta is strictly limited by the IOC.

ii. Each country can qualify one man/woman to race in the Olympic Windsurfing Fleet according to a national qualification system based on Class World Championships.

iii. National Authorities select their single representatives using specific criteria set down by themselves. The criteria used varies from country to country.


Infrastructure to be provided by the LOA

The LOA shall provide the following facilities. These requirements may not be changed without the written consent of IWA.


A. Beach

i. The launching area shall be 500 meters long and must have unimpeded access to the sea.

ii. Public bathing shall be confined to a set aside buoyed area away from the launching area.

B. Competitors Village

i. A competitors rest area shall be provided, from which the general public are excluded, of at least 5000 sq. metres. This is to be immediately adjacent to the board storage area and the beach and shall provide adequate shade & storage.

ii. Food and soft drinks shall available at reasonable cost in the village.

iii. Plenty of rubbish collection containers shall be provided within this area. These should be emptied daily.

C. Board / sail Storage Area

i. Sails will be stored fully rigged and suitably shaded from the sun.


“A” frame sail storage racks shall be provided. Sails can then be stored with the boom end attached to a hook at high level with all masts lying parallel on the ground. National or sponsor team sails shall be stored together.


If there is sufficient space, rows of nationally allocated positions for sails to lie flat on the ground secured with line to metal loops driven into the ground for the purpose can be provided. Team/groups can stack their sails together if they wish.

iii. The LOA shall provide an adequate board storage area as agreed with the SA during the site visit. This storage shall be close to the sail racks and the launching area.

iv. The board/sail storage area shall be surrounded by a perimeter fence of 2.4 metres in height and shall be guarded 24hrs. per day for the period of the event as advertised in the NoR as a minimum.

v. This fence can act as a windbreak if local anticipated conditions require it. Access shall be confined to registered competitors; their coaches and official event personnel only.

vi. These facilities shall be provided free of charge.

vii. During the event, It is mandatory that equipment is stored in this area to enable the LOA to provide effective security.

D. Charter Equipment

i. Charter equipment may be provided through the IWA’s industry members. Each event is approached according to its need and importance.

ii. The LOA shall provide a separate storage area to the provider(s) of charter equipment free of charge for use before/after the event.

E. Toilets, shower & sail wash down facilities

i. Sufficient Toilets/fresh water showers shall be provided for competitors.

ii. Hard standing and fresh water hoses shall be provided for the washing of sails and boards daily.

F. Competitor & Official car/van parking

i. Sufficient car/van parking spaces shall be provided for officials and coaches free of charge for the duration of the championship and the 5 days preceding.

G Jury secretary's Office

i. This shall be adjoining the Beach Office.

ii. It shall be furnished with...

photocopier desk & two chairs

filing trays telephone line & pay phone

One full-time assistant (volunteer) computer/printer

iii. The jury secretary's office shall also contain letter slots for the coaches, officials and IWA delegates

iv. First Aid facilities shall be provided here for minor accidents only.

H. Jury Room.

i. This shall be clean, dry and weather proof as well as furnished with one long table and 10 chairs.

ii. It shall be next to the Jury Secretary's office and very close to the Beach Office.

iii. Associated with it, there shall be a waiting area (shaded, warm & dry with seating) for waiting competitors.

I. Beach Office (see Section 8 : Communications)

i. The beach office shall overlook and be very close to the beach and the official flagpoles. It shall, as a minimum, be glazed on the beach side from half height upwards.

ii. It shall be strictly private and out of bounds to all except authorised officials. This shall contain....

· base station for the PA system;

· ICF & sponsors flags to be used ashore;

· ship to shore base stations (one per course area);

· 29meg. base station for shore-side communication net;

· facilities to tape record all radio traffic, in an emergency;

· 1 telephone line & phone/fax machine.

iii. The PA system shall be supplied with a radio mike with a range to cover the race site (plus a spare).

iv. Tables and chairs shall be provided.

J Notice boards.

i. These shall be located on the back of the beach office if possible; they shall be well lit; weather proof; notices shall be easily visible to competitors & officials; but impossible to remove except by authorised personnel.

ii. The following notice boards are required and shall be titled as such:

Official Notices 2 x 2metres Jury Notices 2 x 2metres

Results 2 x 2metres IWA/Class Notices 2 x 2metres

Weather 1 x 2metres General 1 x 2metres

iii. It is recommended that these be spaced out over a reasonable distance so that competitors can get to the board they wish to, during busy times.

K. Commentary position/commentators

i. Shore based commentators shall keep competitors and spectators informed of the action on the water. Where possible course commentary shall be provided if possible.

ii. Two shall be available at all times during racing. They shall be knowledgeable, entertaining and informative. iii. The commentary position can be over the beach office; be protected from the elements; and have space to allow interviews to be conducted. Tables and chairs shall be provided.

L. Official flag poles

i. One official flag pole for each course area shall be provided close to the beach office and easily visible by competitors from the pit area, board racks, and launching beach.

ii. This shall have a cross beam to provide four lines and be of sturdy construction.

M. Other flag poles

i. The regatta site shall have an abundance of substantial flag poles for:

National flags of participating countries;

Title and associate sponsor's flags;

IWA industry members

ii. These shall be kept away from the official flag pole (J above)

N. Measurement Area & equipment

i. The LOA shall provide the following equipment for the IWA official measurer:

- 200 litre barrel of fresh water ; 4kg. metal weight (tied to the barrel on a 1.2metre line); Calibrated scale to weigh boards (2 no.); Calibrated scale with separate digital read out to weigh competitors (2 no.); Events stamps with water proof ink pads. (3no.); Indelible waterproof ink marker pens (black & silver); Equipment required for detailed measurement as specified in the “Class Technical Guidelines”

ii. The LOA shall provide a measurement area including sail measurement tables and other furniture as agreed during the IWA site visit.

0. Regatta Secretariat

i. This is the main administration centre for the regatta and shall contain first aid facilities.

ii. It is the service centre for competitor non-technical questions

i.e. Travel arrangements, accommodation problems, payments etc.

iii. It should contain desks, chairs, computers, printers and a robust photocopier which sorts as it prints.

iv. It should be fully equipped with office consumables (pens, staplers etc) and A4 paper.

NB a recent world championship used nearly 15,000 sheets of A4 paper

v. There shall be a clear reception point which shall be staffed by knowledgeable staff. (volunteers)

P. Meeting Room
This shall seat 12 and will be used for administrative meetings, meetings of LOA key race officers and IWA personnel etc...

Q. Results Office (see section 7: communications)

i. The location of this important facility shall be confidential and only known to key personnel.

ii. The results computer shall not be in any of the aforementioned offices/Rooms.

iii. It shall be quiet, warm and dry and shall be furnished as follows...

Long Desk & four chairs Further long table

Stacking paper trays Fridge

Computer/fast modem & reliable printer Uninterruptible power supply/surge protected

2no. Ex-Regatta Directory phone lines 1no. phone/fax machine

R. Press Office (see section 7: communications)

i. It shall be warm & quietly located on site and furnished as follows...

6no. Telephone lines 3no. telephones (phone card system)

2no. Robust fax machines 2no. computers with modems

2no. Robust printers 1no. Robust sorting photocopier

Tables & Chairs Large fully stocked fridge (soft drinks, snacks)

Tea/ Coffee making facilities Plenty of power points

ii. It shall be available to domestic & international journalists (invited/independent) only

S. TV Production Office

i. This shall be located close to the Press Office on site and be a minimum of 20 sq. metres in size.

ii. It shall be furnished with facilities to black out the light and...

long sturdy tables along one wall 6no. chairs

1no. Telephone line 1no. phone/fax machine

6no. power sockets uninterrupted power supply/surge protected

TV interview area (branded)

T. Physiotherapy Rooms

i. A physiotherapy service shall be provided for competitors free of charge. This service shall be available first thing in the morning before the first race and in the afternoon after the last race.

ii. A private facility shall also be offered to competitors for a reasonable cost.

iii. The whole shall be staffed by experienced sports physios whose leader shall write a report on the work she/he has been asked to carry out. This shall be completed within six weeks of the end of the championship.

U. Food & drink
i. Packed lunches shall be provided free to jury members, measurers, class officials and LOA volunteers.

V. Bottled Water & Carbohydrate loaded drinks.

i. Ample factory sealed still bottled water shall be provided both on land and on the Race Committee & safety boats.

ii. Carbohydrate loaded drinks are medically recommended for athletes. The LOA shall use his best endeavours to get ample quantities for issuing free to racers.

W. Security
The LOA shall provide 24hr. security throughout the event . This shall pay special attention to the board storage area, the competitors marquee, regatta secretariat, beach office, flag poles and press & media centre.

X. Stage
A raised stage area shall be provided to hold daily prize giving ceremonies. This shall have a backdrop with sponsors logos prominently displayed

Y. Incidentals

i. Keys

IWA personnel shall be provided with duplicate keys to the Beach Office, Jury secretary's office, Results office, Press & TV Production Offices and the Regatta Secretariat.

ii. Regatta Clock

This will provide the official time throughout the Regatta.

iii. Signage

All of the above facilities are to be well signed except the Results office.

iv. First Aid facilities

These shall be provided and clearly sign posted and indicated on the event site plan.

v. Site Plan

A detailed site plan shall be provided including all the above facilities plus the racing areas out to sea. It shall be printed in the event programme. Large scale prints of same shall be located in the Regatta Secretariat & Beach Office and on the General Notice Boards.

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