Competitors are reminded of the new requirements for sail numbering which will apply from January 1st 2009: [more]

Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012 – Appendix B – NEW B2.4 Identification on Sails

(b) Rules G1.3(a), G1.3(c), G1.3(d) and G1.3(e) are changed to

The class insignia shall be displayed once on each side of the sail in the area above a line projected at right angles from a point on the luff of the sail one-third of the distance from the head to the wishbone. The national letters and sail numbers shall be in the central third of that part of the sail above the wishbone, clearly separated from any advertising,

The national letters and sail number shall be black in colour and applied “back to back” on an opaque white background to the sail. The opaque background shall extend a minimum of 30 mm beyond the national letters and sail number. Between the national letters and sail number a “-” and normal spacing shall be applied.  (more . . .)