Notice is hereby given of the 2009 Annual General Meeting of the IFCA Council, that will take place during the forthcoming Slalom Worlds in Texel, Netherlands. The exact date, time and venue will be published on the 11th April 2009 with the Agenda and proposals to be voted upon (Constitution Art.# 8.7)[more]

Nominations for the Executive Committee and any proposals to be voted upon must be received at the IWA Office by Monday 6th April; except proposals to amend the Class Rules or the Constitution which must be submitted by Thursday 12th March (Constitution Art.# 8.6)

The agenda shall include:

Minutes of the last meeting;

Presidents report;

Financial report;

Class and Championship Rules;

IFCA Rankings;

Future Championship venues;

Executive Committee elections.

Member National Associations are reminded that they each shall nominate a representative to the Council and advise the secretary (IWA Office) in writing accordingly. Only Officers and nominated representatives can vote; National Associations must be current members, and 2009 IFCA membership fees are due now.

If you have not received the request for 2009 fees, please inform the IWA Office immediately, as late payment (received after March 31st) will be surcharged Eur 25.