The European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) have announced a new event in the Freestyle mecca of North Sardinia, the Toshiba Freestyle Grand Prix. It will happen in the natural bay of Porto Liscia – Santa Teresa di Gallura / Sardinia – Italy from the 30th of May till the 2nd of June 2009. 5000 money should attract motivated freestylers to battle it out. [more]In the near future a website should be online, but here is the domain:

The 2009 tour kicks off in Austria with the DWARF8 Freestyle Classix from 30th April to 3rd May. In Podersdorf Freestyle windsurfing will go back to its roots with a new/old format where top class freestylers will compete in front of a crowded beach giving spectators the moves that started everything.

On a cloudy day in the Austrian autumn the decision was made to do something else in freestyle and bring pure style back in the game. Gerhard Polak (organizer of the Podersdorf event and co-founder of EFPT) introduced his idea of this year’s event and after some hours of talk and ideas with Chris Pressler ( and DaMike Piechura (EFPT) a new format was done.

Check out the article on and find out more about this new format –

Podersdorf will run a EFPT Freestyle and a PWA Slalom Contest this year. And the winner of both events will be adopted into the Royal Captains Family and in addition he will receive 5.000 Euro in cash!

Find all the information in this PDF