The Notice of Race (Spanish) has now been published for the 2009 Championship. Here is an introduction from Ricardo Guglielmin [more]

“Last year in 2008 we had in South America the first ever South American Wavesailing championship. The spot was Pacasmayo and we had great conditions and lots of fun. Pacasmayo is considered one of the longest waves in the worlds and its location is really good as all kind of swells work so most of the year it’s possible to have good waves, and also good wind.

In this first time we had a tie between Enrique Letelier (Chile) and Ricardo Guglielmino (Peru) as South American champions for the open division. The best junior was Wilfredo Blondet from Peru.

This year the South American championship will have 2 stops, the first one in Pacasmayo, Peru in June 27-29 and the second one in Chile on October 9-11th.

We expect to have a very good level again in this championship, and invite everyone to join it.”