After 7 years the North Sea Cup returned back to the Dutch Brouwersdam. Competitors from France, Belgium, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands travelled to the Grevelingenmeer for two days of sunny and windy conditions. During the weekend six races have been completed for all classes in 8 to 15 knots of wind. [more]

Kiran Badloe (NED) seemed unbeatable in the Techno293 fleet. Too many times he crossed the finish line with a big lead and an even bigger smile from ear to ear. Twin sisters Lilian and Esther de Geus (NED) were in a battle with Monika Kraszewska (POL) for the podium places of the Techno293 Girls ranking.

In the Raceboard / RS:X fleet it was Marc van Santen (NED) who took the event title by winning all races except one. Followed on a short distance by Carlijn Vermeulen (NED).

Techno293 Boys

1. NED-194 – Kiran Badloe
2. NED-707 – Jort Min
3. NED-279 – Maurice van Grasstek

Techno293 Girls

1. NED-171 –Lilian de Geus (3 Overall)
2. NED-172 – Esther de Geus
3. POL-120 – Monika Kraszewska

Techno293 U15

1. NED-1111 – Joris van Essen
2. NED-216 – Matthijs van ‘t Hoff
3. POL-502 – Patrycia Lis

Formula Windsurfing

1. NED 10 – Marco Kraaijenzank
2. GER 127 – Patrik Schmelzer
3. NED 538 – Pieter Eliens

Raceboard / RS:X

1. NED-211 – Marc van Santen
2. NED-33 – Carlijn Vermeulen
3. NED-733 – Saskia van Smoorenburg

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