Second event on the tour was started just 3 days after Sardegna which means that all riders that have been in Sardegna took off straight after the prizegiving to catch the ferry to the Italian mainland, had to go across Italy to catch the next ferry to Greece.

Believe it or not, but all of them made it on time to the registration in Milos beach.[more]

Beside the competitors which have been in Porta Liscia, 6 Greek locals joined as well as the fantastic Brits from Club Vass which, although on the same island, had troubles to make it on time to the skippers at 2pm. You don’t wanna know why!

Event organizer, Christos, told the riders that the wind wouldn’t pick up before 3pm and so it happened, 3.15 the first heat could be started. First round of the single had already some surprises, the tall, blond German talent Adrian Beholz (F2) kicked out young Marten van Ochten (JP/NeilPryde) which was quite a shock.

After the first rounds it was quite clear that the final four will be the same guys as in the event before, Stevan van Broeckhoven (F2) won against Andre Paskowski (Fanatic/North Sails) and Davy Scheffers finished off Nicolas Akgazcyan (Starboard/Gun Sails). These two young guns met in the final where Stevan impressed the jury with fluently made power moves and incredible style, the final was decided 5-0 by an impressed judging team on the beach.

Special wind situation in milos beach makes impossible to start a competition before 2pm which is why everyone loves the place, competitors and guests but unfortunately it keeps just a small time space to finish a double. Which was impossible this year and although the race director kept sending the boys out on the water the double couldn’t be finished.

The Milos Beach CORONA Open ended with the result of the single and this result can be found on the efpt website in detail.

Needless to say that an event which is presented by CORONA the party nights were of the chain and everyone had a great time, the fact that the fantastic taverna moved the breakfast to 1pm says more than thousand words about the last partynight in Lefkada!

So now the tour is in Greece where the “freak windsurfstation” hosts the next event.

The Palekastro Freestyle 2009 will take place on one of the most amazing beaches in Europe, for a long time this place was a secret spot but during the last years it developed in a fantastic windsurf destination and the small village of Palekastro is proud to bring the best freestylers in Europe to their beach.

So watch out for more news and check frequently during the next days.