In 2003, Eduardo Cano (Peruvian Sailor and Sailing Coach) started 3 years coaching Optimist in Mexico, mainly in Valle de Bravo in Mexico DF. During that season he realized that nobody practiced the windsurfing sport there.[more] Every club had old mistral boards and all of them were stored. Besides, when a short board appeared, it was usual to see it sink in the lake, because there was nobody to recommend the correct equipment.

Although the conditions in Valle de Bravo were not the best, those conditions were enough to practice the sport, but with the new equipments (early planning). All those aspects meant that Eduardo bought a board through The Wind Adventure (Peru), and it worked unbelievable. A lot of people started to ask what kind of equipment was it. Mainly old mistral sailors were interested because for them were not usual to planning in those conditions.

Ending that year Eduardo Cano and Lorena Guanilo imported the first windsurfing Start school pack and the first two formula experience boards to the lake. From talking to other people they realized that formula windsurfing already was used by some sailors in Cancun, but cost of equipment was a problem. The competitive group was shared between the Olympic circuit (Bic 293 and RS:X) and other kinds of windsurfing boards.

The Formula Experience effort in Mexico has developed over 7 years, but in the last two years, people in charge of this format are spending more time on its promotion, and they have made 3 international clinics. Currently, the active group of racers has more than 18 members, and there are many people waiting for equipment. Mexico has also had a presence in the last 2 Formula Experience World championships.

This year the Formula Experience in Mexico is planning to do an international clinic at the end of November. This clinic will be an intensive training for the first Formula Experience Nationals to be held in Progreso, Yucatan. Part of the development of the class in Mexico is a bid to host the 2011 Formula Experience Worlds. It could be in Cancun, where the conditions are good and the infrastructure is excellent with plenty hotels and sailing clubs. Cancun has an International airport, with direct flights arriving from many countries.

The advanced fleet is going to participate in the next worlds in Brazil 2010, and is expected to have at least eight Mexican sailors, including last year’s Optimist South American Champion on the team

Regards, Eduardo Cano Saija