Did you know that 2010 will be a special year for the IWA?

We start a Women Windsurfing Campaign to boost the participation in, and promotion of, women’s windsurfing! [more]

The international Windsurfing Association is focusing on:  initiating, stimulating and guiding different projects that support our Mission:
“Encouraging and  supporting women, worldwide, to improve their position and increase their participation, in women’s windsurfing competitions.

We are focusing our attention on the following Objectives:

To promote, and increase, the coverage and media-exposure of women in windsurfing.

More, or equal, attention paid to women in competition; creating training opportunities; realizing women only events; and increasing the overall level of achievement in competition.

To contact potential women’s sponsors.

We have already taken some Action:
“Women’s Representative”
To protect and represent the interest of our female competitors worldwide, and to co-ordinate the Women Windsurfing Campaign, we have appointed a Women’s Representative on IWA.  Her name is Mara van der Schaaf.

IWA Women Windsurfing Calendar 2010 
One of her ideas has been to introduce powerful women in windsurfing to a broadened audience – via a 2010 Calendar.

“If you have great ideas, or feel that I need to be involved or can assist with projects, please contact me, Mara van der Schaaf.

By realizing a Women Windsurfing Calendar we kick-off this campaign!”    


Full details on how to get your calendar will be posted on the website soon!