There have been a few small amendments to the 2010 rulebooks.[more]

For the windsurfers, the points awarded depend mainly on the prize money now, with some small addition given for continentals, worlds, and if there is provisional timing available.  The spread between national event and world championship events has become larger, to give more importance to the world events with the top competitors attending.

Only the best three events of each competitor will count towards the overall world cup ranking, constituting the “Overall World Cup Winner”.

For the kiteboarders, the same point system applies as for all other kiteboarding disciplines (depending on prize money plus factors for continentals and worlds).  Points score towards the speed ranking as well as for the overall kiteboarding ranking.

Events are expected to be held with the use of GPS mainly this year, as this makes it more attractive to organizers to hold events and enable us to offer you more events to take part in.  Devices will be managed and supplied by us, we have around 120 devices ready for use.  We will also see more and more events to be held with windsurfers and kiteboarders together, which also attracts more organizers to offer us events.

The list of the 2010 events will be published soon, stay tuned!