Professional windsurfer Sarah Hebert will try to cross the Atlantic at the end of the year.  The French vice world champion is aiming to windsurf from Dakar (Senegal) to Pointe a Pitre (Guadeloupe) in a 3,500km challenge of strong winds, 30ft waves and sharks.[more]

The first Atlantic crossing in a windsurf board was celebrated by 13 European and North American windsurfers, back in 1998, in the famous TransAtlantic Windsurf Race.

Twelve years ago, the journey from St John’s in Newfoundland to Weymouth, Dorset was completed in seven days.

Sarah Hebert will try to successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean, in order to establish a challenging time and to provide detailed information about the behavior of her body, during the windsurf crossing, to a cardiology study.

The complete adventure of Sarah Hebert will be exclusively explained to in a personal interview.

Stay tuned to the “Transatlantique En Windsurf” by Sarah Hebert.

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