The first date of the South American Wavesailing championship July 20-24th “SAPET CUP” was awesome. We had good wind and wave conditions all the days so we completed all the double elimination series competition, with 22 competitors registered from Brasil, Peru, Chile and Colombia.[more]

The judge of the event was composed of 4 members of the International Surfing Association judges staff that were prepared for this event and judged already previous windsurfing international events here in Peru.

Lobitos is a really good spot for competition because offers good long tubular waves between 1-2 meters and consistent winds from 15-25 knots mostly . . . and sunny days always. Competitors did the best show possible with good aerials, takas, goiters, back loops, push loops and many other maneouvers. And at the end of the event Kauli Seadi won the medal in the Open division, and Sebastian Aguirre (Peru) in the Youths.

The South American championship continues in October in Brazil and Chile, so keep tuned!



1- Kauli Seadi (Jp-Neilpryde) – BRASIL
2- Eduardo Hermann (Starboard-Neilpryde) – CHILE
3- Ricardo Gugliemino (Starboard-Severne) – PERU


1- Sebastian Aguirre (Starboard-Severne) – PERU
2- Christian Saurier (Neilpryde) – BRAZIL
3- Wilfredo Blondet (Starboard-Severne) – PERU


4- Ivan Saurier – BRASIL
5- Gonzalo Ribba – CHILE
6- Rodrigo Cabrera – CHILE