A fantastic result for you Nicolas! You must be incredibly happy, describe your feelings in those very first few moments when you realized you had won?[more]

Well I can’t believe it because it was really hard to win. The battle for the first place with Leonardo was really hard and makes this one of the best events I’ve ever had! So, until the last day, I was second all the time, and Leonardo was first. I was really nervous if I could win the championship. For my luck, the last day was not so windy and I raced really well in that wind. The emotion from all the Peruvians was incredible! We had a great party when I came back after the last race. ??

Did you anticipate your win at the world championships?

It was really hard to win, and I thought I couldn’t do it. ??

What training did you undertake before the event?

Well, I went to the gym all the time. The last month I trained harder to could maintain a good standard and give a better performance. I trained really hard with all the Peruvian team in all conditions in Peru in both high and low winds. I had a good team support behind me. ??

What were your strengths that made you the winner? (pointing, overall speed, downwind, tactics, consistency?)

Definitely my consistence in all kind of winds. Also the motivation from all the Peruvian team in Brasil helped me a lot and they gave me the force to could keep all the time the power in all the races. I also felt good upwind. Not much speed but very good angle. ?

What’s next for you, on/off water training this winter?

Here in Peru it’s the summer, so I have a lot of months to sail and train a lot. My next objective is the South-American Championship in Chile so I will keep training like always at the gym. ??

Good luck in 2011!!

Thank you! I want to invite all the people to be part of this class and to have the experience to have very competitive races. Also to participate in the different competitions that are happening, it’s a fun class and it’s getting bigger and bigger all the time.