It was an inauspicious start to the championship for Frenchman Sylvain.  Brazilian Gabriel Browne took the first bullet of the competition winning the first round and Frenchman Julien Quentel took the second. [more]

However, by day 2 Sylvain had found his form, nudged just one point ahead of Julien by the end of day three, both still only 1 point apart at the end of day four . . . but Sylvain finished the competition on day five clear by 3.4 points.  Julien took silver on the podium and Steve Allen from Australia battled his way back to the bronze position he had occupied at the end of day one. 

36 year old Steve, who won round 9, was also first Master and 19 year old Gabriel Browne was first youth.

Joining Alice Arutkin on the ladies podium were Monica Veras from Brazil in second place, and Juliana Shelef also from Brazil in third place.

“What a great event !!!!” said Bruno on his last day in “windsurf paradise Flecheiras”.  5 days of intense competition, 10 rounds – 2 each day in windy warm sunny conditions – three discards coming into play – who could ask for more!

Final Results / Photos

Previous news . . .

French sailor Alice Arutkin, 18, has won every round so she has been announced Women’s Slalom World Champion a day early.

Meanwhile, in the men’s, having won a round each, Sylvain Moussilmani holds on to the top slot with Julien Quentel just 1 point behind in second. There is a large gap in the points before third placed Antoine Questel but he will have to work hard to maintain his bronze position and fend off the wolves snapping at his heels!

Results after 8  /  Daily Videos: Day 3 / Day 4

Two more rounds completed on Day 3 of the IFCA “Wind Brasil ” Slalom World Championships – and it is all change at the top of the mens ranking![more]

French windsurfers are dominating the podium positions, where in the men’s fleet we have a new leader in Sylvain Moussilmani (FRA 7). Only 1 point separates him from overnight leader Julien Quentel (FRA 421); and Antoine Questel (FRA 99) moved into bronze position, but less than 2 points separate 3rd and 5th! All to play for.

Meanwhile in the womens fleet Alice Arutkin (FRA 111) looks unbeatable.
Lots of variety in the racing format – with beach starts the order of the day for round 6.

The Media were out in full force with a helicopter buzzing over the event site for ESPN and 4 national tv stations covering the event.

Internet connection is erratic, but you can follow the racing on Twitter via the “new look”  IFCA website .

Results after 6

The battle is on at the Slalom Worlds!

At the end of the second day of the Slalom Worlds, Julien Quentel leads with 5.7 points followed by Sylvain Moussilmani and Gabriel Browne, tied, one point behind. Antoine Questel won the last race and is now the 4th in the race for the Slalom World Title.

Alice Arutkin has maintained her position at the top of the women’s by winning every round so far.


DAILY VIDEOS:  Day One / Day Two

Day one of racing at the 2010 IFCA Slalom Worlds and 2 full rounds completed.

Alice Arutkin (FRA 111) dominated the ladies division; but competition was a lot closer in the mens with Gabriel Browne (BRA 50) and Julien Quentel (FRA 421) both winning a round

Full Results  (after 2)