The Grand Prix of Potrerillos 2011 in Argentina is always a real party for windsurfing,  and with daily winds of between 15 and 22 knots everyone partied hard![more]

Formula Windsurfing – The class featured some excellent racing with some of the world’s top Formula sailors in attendance including Gonzalo Costa Hoeveler (ARG-3) and Brazilian Paulo Dos Reis (BRA 3333).

Unlike the other classes, formula windsurfing ran four races per day. For most of the event the weather was very cold and unfortunately for the last day for lack of wind there was no racing. Gonzalo started strong winning the first race, followed by Paulo and Raul Saubidet (ARG 0).

In five of the six races Costa Hoevel returned to stay in first and Dos Reis taking second, but an impressive performance was put in by the former RSX racer Nahuel Abram (ARG-14) to finish in the race in third position. And so determined the order for the final podium.

1. Gonzalo Costa Hoeveler (ARG-3)
2nd. Paulo Dos Reis (BRA 3333)
3rd. Nahuel Abram (ARG-14)

Raceboards – The Raceboard Class was great fun at this year’s Grand Prix Potrerillos. Twenty-one boards enjoyed the crystal-clear waters of the Potrerillos Lake and its constant wind.

The local star Fernando (ARG 355) won the competition from beginning to end with a wide margin of victory in all the races. The podium on this occasion was a trio of friends from Mendoza, in second place was Mendoza based Luciano Emmer (ARG 319) and in third was Carolis Javier (ARG 314), who when it comes to celebrate demonstrated his affinity for “the fierros” when he uncovered the previously busy champagne and sprayed the audience.

RS:X Windsurfing – The Grand Prix Potrerillos 2011 also had participants in the RS: X class. RS: X in the Argentina class is mostly sailed out of Cordoba.  Jasmine Lopez Becker (ARG 5) and Jualian Lopez Becker (ARG-15) both came first in the category women’s RS: X and male youth respectively. In the case of Jasmin accompanied by Celita Tejerina (363 ARG) of Mendoza – 2nd. and Lucia Idoyaga (401 ARG) of Buenos Aires, 3rd. While Julian was followed on the podium Santiago Lazari (ARG 400) of Buenos Aires. -2nd. and Franco Reynaud (ARG 304) 3rd.

(pictured Gonzalo leading the Formula Fleet – photo credited Gabriel Palmioli)