Today was the last day of the NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2011 Tallinn event, the last competition of the series, which is the most important Formula windsurfing event in the Baltics.  View the video [more]

The winner of NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2011 is the Estonian Martin Ervin (EST-202), second was Polish Filip Korczycki (POL-555) & third place Estonian Toomas Molder (EST-44).

54 skippers from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Brazil gathered to participate in the final competition in Estonia. NeilPryde Baltic Cup is a traditional race series that combines three events held in Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia, home of the final already for the last 13 years.

Principal race officer of Tallinn’s event, Andrus Poksi described the race: “This event passed in difficult conditions – the wind was up and down and shifting. On the first day we tried to hold three races, but couldn’t carry these out. On the second and third day we were able to do 4 races. Overall, it is clear that such competition conditions are quite rare. Although the track was short, it was tough and men did in changing conditions very good job.”

NeilPryde Baltic Cup 2011 declared the best of the series Martin Ervin (EST-202), followed by Filip Korczycki (POL-555) and Toomas Molder (EST-44). Women’s racing title goes to Annika Valkna (EST-146), with Marta Ozola (LAT-140) and Betti Vainkula (EST-21) second and third.

Tallinn’s event best was Paulo dos Reis (BRA-3333), second Martin Ervin (EST-202), third Filip Korczycki (POL-555). In woman racing first place goes to Martha Ozola (LAT-140), second Annika Valkna (ENG-146), the third Betti Vainkula (EST-21).

Senior winner in Tallinn is Martin Ervin (EST-202). Youth winner (under 20 year) Rytis Jasiunas (LTU-799). To encourage young ones, Tallinn Cup also rewarded the best skipper under age 17 – winner is Marta Ozola (LAT-140).

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