Great racing conditions on the last day of the European Championships in Cagliari, Sardinia, ensured the full programme of scheduled races was completed.[more]

At the close of day 4 it was still an open championship – with titles to be won and lost in all divisions.

In the under 15 boys only 2 points separated first and third placed sailors! In the under 17 girls it was 4 points, but silver and bronze medal places were only separated by a tie break.

The Gold medal placed under 17 boy recovered from a poor start in the first race of today to clinch his first European title. Only in the under 15 girls did the eventual champion finish the regatta with a clear lead over the evenly matched silver and bronze medalists.

Congratulations to the race committee, under the leadership of Franco Pagliarini, for 12 superb races for the young windsurfers from 16 countries, and to the dedicated team of volunteers assembled by the Windsurfing Club Cagliari.

Well done to all the competitors for great spirit and camaraderie throughout the championship.

Podium finishers:

Under 15 Girls
1) Emma Wilson, Great Britain
2) Delphine Jariel, France
3) Eugenia Bologna, Italy

Under 15 Boy
1) Mikita Tsirkin, Belarus
2) Artiom Javadov, Belarus
3) Mattia Onali, Italy

Under 17 Girls
1) Shabar Tibi, Israel
2) Marta Maggetti, Italy
3) Emma Labourne, Great Britain

Under 17 Boys
1) Andrey Zagainov, Russia
2) Philippe Lafay, France
3) Bautista Saubidet, Argentina