will relaunch in March 2012 as a rider-generated news and media hub for the International Formula Windsurfing (FW) Class. [more]This will be a paid membership site for riders which will offer premium media for members and develop towards an exciting new news resource for the FW class, sitting alongside the FW class website.

With the new direction, FollowTheWinds will aim to create an exciting media portal with up to date news and dedicated movie-channel for the FW class and its riders, an important step in generating key new online media strategies for the FW class. The website will operate separately to the official FW class website ( to allow FollowTheWinds to publish more rider-centric stories on topics such as travel stories, equipment reviews, technical articles on technique etc, which all exist outside the scope of the FW class website’s role.

This site will operate as a paid membership site for riders, giving members access to hi-resolution images from international FW events, a dedicated rider profile-page, rider submitted news articles and their movies showcased on a dedicated movie-channel. The fee structure will be available on the website and attached promotional brochure.

All revenue from the membership, advertising and sponsorship will be collected in to a Media Fund for the FW class, which will be used to run the FollowTheWinds website and fund and develop key new media strategies for the class.

Be part of the ONE DESTINATION for rider-generated FW class action online.

Follow your friends, idols, team-riders and heroes.