There was no chance of running a third complete round for the masters so winner of round 2, Andrea Rosati (ITA 0) becomes 2012 Masters Slalom Champion because “. . . [more]if a tie still remains between two or more boards, they shall be ranked in order of their scores in the last race” (WCR). Round 1 winner, Andrea Cucchi (ITA 1) had to settle for second place. Thomas Fauster (ITA 106) took third overall and Robert Hofmann (ITA11) fourth overall is 1st grandmaster.

An early start for the youngsters on the final day of the championship with a skippers meeting at 07.00 but, as the day before, they had to wait for the light north wind to give way to wind starting to blow from the south. Eventually heat 1 for the youths was away in 13 knots and, after their four heats, the juniors got started. Both fleets were able to complete the second slalom round and, with the wind still blowing, optimistically began slalom round 3. The race committee were able to validate up to heat 6 for the youths but this made no difference to the podium places at the end of the day.

Under the same ruling that applied to the masters, Jacquier Benoit (FRA 23), second in round 1 and winner of round 2, takes the youth title over Jordy Vonk (NED 69) winner of round 1, second in round 2. Jacek Piasecki (POL 013) took third place. First youth girl was Alizee de Souza (FRA 813).

Ethan Westera (ARU 4) was the undisputed winner of the Junior Fleet with two firsts. Sadly round 3 didn’t happen for them. Coen Swijnenburg (NED 262) was second and Simon Jacquier (FRA 32) was third. Emily Hall (GBR 714) was first Junior Girl.

In the girls alone fleet, Lisa El Mouahidine (FRA 931) came out top with two bullets, Emilie Lallement (FRA 494) was second, taking a bullet in the second round.  Andrea Vanhoorne (BEL 26) was third.

Thanks go to the Race Team who did their best to provide good championship racing in tricky conditions, Associazione Italiana Classi Windsurf (AICW) and Circolo Surf Torbole for their great hospitality.


Masters heat sheet / Youths heat sheet / Juniors heat sheet

It was an early start for the Masters on Day 4 of the IFCA JYM Slalom Worlds in Torbole with the skippers meeting at 0700, first possible start at 0800. Alas the wind failed to show until early afternoon when it slowly started to build from the south. Heat 3 got under way but had to be abandoned because the wind was teasing, patchy. By heat six 16 knots was on offer but still not steady so another re-start. However, the race team did well to complete the full slalom round for the masters.

Winner of round 2 was Andrea Rosati (ITA 0) beating round 1 winner, Andrea Cucchi (ITA 1) into second place. They now have equal points at the top of the masters leaderboard. Thomas Fauster (ITA 106) third, is now third overall. Austria’s Markus Poltenstein, who was third overall, won his first heat but failed to make it through his second and has dropped down to 11th overall.

Diego Domenianni (USA 05) was fourth over the line in this round. Robert Hofmann (ITA11) also gets four points after redress as Philipp Mueller (GER 100) was DSQ’d. Robert is fourth overall and 1st grandmaster.

The youths were eager and ready to go as the masters finished their exciting round but the wind gods decided they had had enough for the day and packed up early. Youths and juniors have an early start on the final day of the championships with a skippers meeting at 0700.

Results at the end of Day 4

Masters heat sheet

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