Dear windsurf fan,
Question: How do we get Windsurfing back into the olympic games?[more]
Answer: By proving that it is a great and fantastic sport; a sport that provides health and fun to a vast number of people around the world. People with an age range from 7 to 77 years in international competition!
The Windsurfing Worlds in Medemblik was a great step forward in showing to the world, and to the  ISAF, that windsurfing is very important part of sailing. Over 430 competitors from all continents of this globe joined in a very successful event. There were over 360 youth windsurfers present.  How do we keep alive their dream of being a true Olympian in the future?
Let us demonstrate to the ISAF that Windsurfing deserves to be Olympic – by organising events; many events at many places, but on the same day. October the 7th: Global Windsurf Day.

What should be done:
1)      Organize a regatta at your favorite venue with as many entries as possible
2)      List your entry on:
3)      Register your statement, results, fotos, videos
This information will be shared with ISAF.
Make Windsurfing Win!
Best regards,
Paul Wennekes
Eric ten Bos

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