On the final day at the Go!Globo Slalom World Championships on Paros, there seemed to be more wind than forecast, and an early start to racing was anticipated.[more]  But sadly, by the time the wind picked up enough, late in the afternoon, there was not sufficient time to start another race or finish another round of slalom racing

So to conclude the event, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from Argentina is the 2012 IFCA Slalom World Champion.  Congratulations also to 2nd placed Bora Kozanoglu and 3rd placed Andrea Rosatti.

Our thanks to Sunwind Paros for their hospitality and for organising a great event, despite the fickle wind conditions, and thanks also to sponsor Go!Global.


Only one further race could be completed today at the Go!Globo Slalom Windsurfing World Championships on Paros. The day started with light wind from the south-west (4-6 knots).

About 14:00 the wind picked up to 11-14 knots and the race committee decided to start the 4th race. During the start the windspeed was about 16 knots. In the second heat an incident happened on the starting line with 4-5 competitors capsized. After the protest hearing the jury decided to resail the heat.

The results in the finals: 1. Gonzalo, 2. Maciek and 3. Andrea.

It is very close at the top and podium places could change with one more race. With Gonzalo and Bora with just 1.4 points difference a lot could happen tomorrow.

There are 22 racers from 8 countries, 2 continents, racing in 2 heats of 11 competitors. After registration on Tuesday it was possible to run just two races.

On Wednesday the first heats were started in shifty (30-40 degrees) and gusty winds of 15-20 inots. After 2 heats the race committee decided to send the competitors to the beach to wait for more stable wind. When the Race Committee tried to start race 4 later in the day the wind dropped below the 11 knots minimum and AP over A was hoisted.

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel from Argentina is currently in 1st, Bora Kozanoglu from Turkey is in 2nd, and Andrea Rosatti from Italy is in 3rd.

Today (day 3) we are not racing as there is no wind. The Race Committee made the right decision this morning to cancel racing and give the competitors the opportunity to explore Paros. The whole day has seen shifty winds of 4-6 knots

The forecast for tomorrow looks promising – South wind should provide a very exciting racing. Should be high winds, waves, and the race will be just offshore.

Results after 3

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