The 2012 FE South American Championship was contested in Salvador, at Porto da Barra beach.  Four days of competition, each one showing different conditions of wind and tide, requiring good technique, tactics and fitness from all sailors.[more]

The event headquarters is located at the the end of the second biggest bay of the world. All the water flow coming inwards and outwards the bay produces a strong current and disturbs the water surface as well.

Knowing that, the Race Committee opted to set the course in the best place thinking on the technical quality of the races, a couple of miles windward. Thus, three races back to back were scheduled each day.

At the first day the racing agenda was fulfilled with 3 races completed. The strong current against the wind direction increased the size of the waves considerably and the races were very fun, but required good skills from the athletes. At the second day, the wind picked up later and only two races were completed in 12 to 15 knots and smaller waves. The spice of the day was the outside lay line, set right over the hurst. Some breaking waves on the shallow waters made the upwind legs very interesting. At th 3rd day, the wind was there earlier and the racers found the tide flowing to the other side of the bay, in the same direction of the wind. The tactics changed and now the competitors should avoid the current on the upwind legs. This happened until the start of the last race of the day, when the tide inverted again. Those who realized that took the advantage of the new tactics. Some attempts were made at the 4th and last day but due to light winds, no races were completed.

On Saturday, a 12km SUP race was disputed valid for the state circuit. The (super) athlete Paulo dos Reis was there and finished in first place, almost 5 minutes ahead the second place. At the same day, Paulo kept the paddle and took his 11m Formula Experience One Design sail to race 3 more windsurfing regattas, spending almost 5 hours on water competing.

And Paulo is also the new South American Formula Experience champion. With 8 points, Paulao made his debut at FE class and won the continental title. The fight for the second place was more intense between 3 sailors. Eduardo Hermann, from Chile, finished just 1 point ahead Fernando Pasqualin and was the only non brazilian sailor in the Open division’s podium. Marcello Morrone was the 4th place and Elizeu Vieira finished in 5th.

Bruna Martinelli (BRA 49) was the first women. At the Youth division, Gabriel Bastos (BRA 127) won, showing himself many times at the first group at Open division as well. Alesio Botteri, from Peru, took the title on U17 division and his compatriot Simon Sousa finished in first at U15 division.

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