Footage from the event

Zara Davis update . . . Not as windy overall as the 7th but some of the gusts were strong and if you could get on in front of one, then you could go quicker. [more]Unfortunately for me I seemed to get much higher peaks but I was not able to convert these into fast 500m runs. I still managed 43.79 knots so not unhappy.


Anders managed to up his production and Swedish record and Dieter Gerichhausen broke the German Record again only to have it snatched again by fellow countryman Christian Bornemann with 44.41 and for the 1st time for for him he was ahead of me and didn’t get “CHICKED”. Lena also upped her Turkish record with a great run at 42.6 knots.

The first 2 days of this Windsurfing World Record Attempt have already created a communication buzz all over the world![more]

Antoine Albeau, who is currently – and has been for 20 times in the past – the World Champion in Slalom held the previous World Windsurfing Record of 49.09 kts (2008), has just broken it again today with 49.41 kts!

The fact that this close-to-50-knots record was set in only 38 knots of wind, makes us all see the possibilities of the next days with more serious wind conditions!

The Swedish legend Anders Bringdal, who lead the 1st day, broke the World Record in Windsurfing on Production board twice on day two – and he improved his national Record to 48.38 knots !

The Female World Record in Windsurfing was broken twice by Zara Davis who obviously enjoys the new concept and the new “Luderitz Speed Challenge” channel! With 44.19 knots she is also the fastest Female British windsurfer.

Lena Aylin Erdil has also learnt how to go fast in a few runs, breaking the Female Turkish Record several times during the past two days, reaching 41.53 knots.

Farrel O’Shea has expertly defended his colours by beating the UK Windsurfing Record twice, ending with 46.15 knots !

Patrick Diethelm who holds the Italian Record is a double Record Holder. Sailing under the flag of Switzerland this year, he broke the Swiss Record with 46.29 knots.

The French rider Cedric Bordes managed to sail the exact time of the previous Windsurfing Record showing 49.09 knots !

The German competitors are on track and and produced excellent times, alternating the record position among them. Christian Bornemann broke the German record twice during the past two days, and he currently holds it at 43.93 knots while Dieter Gerichhausen reached 42.92 knots, holding this record for a time during the day. Christian Benzing from “Chris Benz watches” reached a personal best with 40.33 knots, not far behind his fellow countrymen.

What a fantastic start! Zara Breaks both her British and Production records with a 40.95 knot run. She is one of only three women ever to go over 40 knots and is just 0.3 of a knot off Karin Jaggi’s record.[more] Elanor from Turkey on her 1st speed event did very well also with a 39. 73 knots.

Anders Brindal, fellow Mistral rider and head man, was also on fantastic form. He took the fastest spot from a very strong field.

Results from day one

Anders Bringdal 46.33K
Cedrick Bordes 45.09K
Antoine Albeau 44.50K
Farrel Oshea 43.95K
Patrick Diethelm 42.50K
Zara Davis 40.95K

Opening ceremony yesterday (Sunday) by the Mayor Of Luderitz, Susan Ndjaleka who made us as well as the local committee very welcome. I also met Eleanor the only other female competitor who was very friendly and looking forward to her 1st speed event after doing so well in the PWA Slalom.

Some of the other entrants arrived including Anders Bringdal the Mistral boards head man. Antoine Albeau fresh from winning the PWA Slalom and lots of old friend from the speed circuit.

1st day of official competition today and of course the day started with no wind, so breakfast in Diaz coffee shop then rigging sorting out kit was the order of the day. But be 3.00 the wind had filled to 18 to 20 knots and with a good forecast for the following day. I took the opportunity to have the 1st run down the course!

Being the first competitor down the run was a bit daunting but great fun and will help with the nerves tomorrow. The rumors are flying around about what equipment will be tried in this new, including a Tandem and Asymmetric speed boards. Watch this space!

Zara Davis GBR 47